Converse Bank Business Lounge Yerevan (EVN)

Converse Bank Business Lounge Yerevan EVN

Zvartnots International Airport in Yerevan is a small but modern airport 15 km outside of the city.  There is just one lounge that is used by airlines and also accessible for those with Priority Pass.  I was flying in Condo Business Class and was given an invitation at check in.

After you go through passport control and security, there is an elevator and stairs in the duty free shopping area that takes you up one floor to the lounge.

The lounge is long and narrow; there is seating, food and drinks to the left and right of the check in desk.

The lounge runs the length of the terminal one level above the concourse.  There are only six gates total.  It is nice as you can watch the gates and know when it is time to head down to board.

I arrived at the lounge around 3:30am and it was quite crowded; it seemed like a good number of flights left early in the morning and then there was a gap of departures.

The food during breakfast consisted of sandwiches, sweets, and yogurt.  Alcohol is all self service.

On the other side of the lounge is a second buffet area with identical food and drinks.

From the gate area you get a view of the lounge from below.

I was surprised by the modern airport and lounge in Yerevan.  Not a lounge I would arrive early just to try, but it is a good option where you can wait even up until the last minute to go to your gate.

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