Primeclass Lounge Tbilisi (TBS)

Primeclass Lounge Tbilisi TBS

Shota Rustaveli Tbilisi International Airport is located 17km outside of Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi.  It is a small airport with five (or so) gates.  There is one lounge, the Primeclass Lounge, which is accessible through Priority Pass membership.

The lounge is located to the right just after you pass through passport control.  A bar is located at the main entrance followed by seating to the left and right.  There is a lot of artwork on the walls that is available for purchase.

There is also patio seating; though I found the inside space to be better air conditioned.

Inside there is a buffet of snacks and a few hot dishes.

There is also a fridge with soft drinks, beer, and water.  Self service alcohol is also available.

I didn’t find the food particularly appetizing but you could make a full meal out of the buffet.

The lounge wifi was spotty and dropped frequently.  The free wifi in the airport was also available and not much better.

Overall it is a good spot to wait for your flight, however it isn’t worth arriving early just to visit.

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