Changes to Caesars Rewards due to Corona Virus

Changes to Caesars Rewards due to Corona Virus

Today (5/5/20) Caesars Rewards released information (and confirmed earlier rumors) that changes are being made to the casino loyalty program due to COVID19.  

Tier Status Earning Requirements

Earning Tier Status for 2021 is easier.  Below are the modifications to each status:

  • Platinum: Now 4,000 Tier Credits (was 5,000 Tier Credits)
  • Diamond: Now 12,000 Tier Credits (was 15,000 Tier Credits)
  • Diamond Plus: Now 20,000 Tier Credits (was 25,000 Tier Credits)
  • Diamond Elite: Now 60,000 Tier Credits (was 75,000 Tier Credits)
  • Seven Stars: Now 125,000 Tier Credits (was 150,000 Tier Credits)

When you log in to your Caesars Rewards account, the new status (if applicable) will be updated by the week of May 18.  So if you are sitting at 13,000 Tier Credits, you will see Diamond status in a few weeks.

Status Extension

Status from 2020 will be extended through 2021.  So if you got Diamond status in 2019 for the year 2020, but never earn another Tier Credit in 2020, you will still be Diamond until January 31, 2022.

However, one of the big draws of Diamond status is the $100 annual celebration dinner.  If you don’t earn Diamond status in 2020 (for year 2021) but keep the status through the extension, you will NOT get the $100 credit in 2021.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out.  I would assume if you status match to Diamond for 2021, you would still get the $100 celebration dinner.  

Nice to see Caesars Rewards being extended due to the pandemic.  

Not yet a member of Caesars Rewards?  Sign up using this link and you get a bonus 500 Tier Credits when you pick up your membership card at any Caesars property!  In full disclosure, I also get 500 Tier Credits when you sign up. 

Interested in other information about Caesars Rewards? Check out my Caesars Rewards page with tips to help you make the most out of your next visit including how to easily get Diamond status, access to free shows and food, reviews of hotels and much more.

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