SAS Lounges (OSL)

SAS Lounges OSL

There are two SAS Lounges at Oslo Airport (OSL).  Both are very near each other.  I’ll talk through the differences to help you make a choice of which to visit.

As I was flying in SAS Plus, I had access to both lounges.  I thought the Domestic Lounge was the superior place to relax before a flight.

SAS Domestic Lounge

The first lounge past security is the SAS Domestic Lounge located across from gate A2.  While it is aimed at the domestic traveler, any passenger (domestic or international) with access to SAS Lounges due to booking class or elite status can visit the Domestic lounge.

Look for the sign — the elevator and stairs are a bit removed from the main concourse.  The lounge is located up one level.

Scan your boarding pass to open the gates to enter the lounge.

Once inside, the first area is the Cafe.  The station has a staff member that will make your coffee drink.

Next is the buffet area.  Mostly cold foods but plenty of basic options.

Behind the food buffet are beverages.  I particularly liked the wine on tap.

A more casual lounge area is next.

Just beyond that is a unique “daylight booster” room.  It is quite bright and meant to help your body get some much needed light during the dark days of winter.

Another unique feature of the lounge is the gym.  Yes, you can work out in the lounge.

I was informed there used to be a massage area as well, but now it is a conference room.

There are showers so you don’t have to go on your flight sweaty.

SAS International Lounge/Star Alliance Gold Lounge

The second lounge is located by gate E2.  My understanding is that only those traveling on international flights may access the lounge.  The entrance is just to the right of the Starbucks.

Go up one floor and across a bridge.

Again, to gain entry you scan your boarding pass.

The food and beverage area is nearly identical to the Domestic lounge with a few additional protein items.

Off the food area is a travel center with staff that can help with connections or bookings if needed.

Just to the left of the beverage area is another set of gates that leads to the SAS Gold lounge.  I didn’t get to check it out but I imagine it is a step up.

The rest of the lounge is seating.  There is a small kids play area and some phone booths for privacy.

I found the International Lounge to be a lot more crowded.  Every table seemed taken and there were piles of used dishes all around.  There is also no special extras like there are in the Domestic lounge.

Given the choice between the two, I would spend my time in the Domestic lounge.

Have you visited both SAS Lounges at OSL?  Which do you prefer?

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