SAS 737-800 Plus Class OSL-ARN

SAS 737-800 Plus Class OSL-ARN

I needed to get from Oslo to Stockholm.  The train takes over 6 hours (and during my travel times, there was track construction) so I decided to book a quick 55 minute flight.  There are two main airlines that service the OSL-ARN route: Norwegian and SAS (Scandinavian Airline Systems).  Interestingly Ethiopian airlines services this route but not on the day I was looking to travel.

I was booking in advance and was looking for a refundable ticket.  SAS was about $20 more but included access to the SAS Lounge and a few other perks so I decided to book SAS for $164.  Had I been going for absolute cheapest, it would have been on Norwegian (non-refundable) for $89.

I purchased the SAS Plus Pro ticket.  The Plus booking class allows for free changes and refunds if you decide to cancel.

For most flights within Europe, SAS does not offer a Business Class product.  SAS Plus is more like a Premium Economy class on other airlines.  You sit at the front of the plane, get free food and drinks, free wifi, access to the SAS Lounge, and SAS Fast Track through security.  Of note, the seats do not have extra legroom.

Many of these perks are already included if you have status with Star Alliance.  However, I do not, so I would not be eligible for any of these benefits without booking SAS Plus.

After booking, I was able to snag seat 2C (seat selection included).  2C is the aisle of the first row on the 737-800.

Upon arriving at the airport, I was able to find the premium check in line.  I got my ticket and went through the Fast Track security, though the standard security line had no wait so it didn’t save any time.  The desk agent confirmed that I had access to the SAS Lounge so I headed that way.

It turns out at Oslo there are two SAS Lounges – one for domestic flights and one for international.  However when flying international you can visit either (or both lounges).  So I did a little lounge hopping before my flight.

When it came time to board, I was able to board with the first group.  There was no policing of carry on weight despite SAS miserly allotment.

The only difference once on board was during the beverage service.  Both drinks and snacks were complimentary.  Not a big deal on a flight under 1 hour but I selected a soda, water and chocolate dessert.

Wifi wasn’t working on the flight so I didn’t get a chance to test that out.

If you need a refundable flight, upgrading to SAS Plus is a nice option.  The ability to access the lounge (there are no Priority Pass lounges at OSL) and a better seat are worth the small upgrade cost in my book.

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