Delta Elite Status Match for SEA Hub Anniversary

Delta Elite Status Match for SEA Hub Anniversary

Until June 16, 2019, you can sign up for a status match with Delta airlines.  I received an email offering the status match as part of their Seattle “Hub-iversary Special Event” celebrating 5 years of Seattle being a Delta hub.

While I believe the status match is always available, currently you can get status matched to a higher level.  I do not know if this is available ONLY to members targeted with the email or if anyone can sign up.

Most interesting to most Seattle based travelers, is that under this promotion you can match Alaska’s lowest elite status, MVP, to the highest level with Delta – Platinum.  Remember that you are getting an extra level through the current promotion.

The match is good for three months from the date you are awarded the status match.  It is possible to keep the status until January 2020 if you complete the challenge requirements (listed on the website).  You can’t participate if you have done a Delta status match in the past 3 months.

Are you going to match your status?

Terms & Conditions
Matched status will expire three months from date status is awarded.  Offer valid for travel completed within 3 months from time of account upgrade and will not include flights taken prior to enrollment. Participation does not guarantee Medallion Status. Promotional or temporary elite status on other airlines will not be eligible for this promotion. Matched Status will expire after 3 months, unless that level or a higher level of Medallion Status is awarded prior to that date by completing the challenge requirements. Medallion Status must be earned in subsequent years by traveling the required amount of MQMs or MQSs and spending the required MQDs (U.S.-based members only) or earning the MQD Waiver. Only MQMs, MQSs and MQDs earned through travel on Delta, Delta Connection, and SkyMiles Partner Airlines will count towards the challenge. MQMs/MQSs/MQDs earned through other sources, including but not limited to SkyMiles Credit Cards, do not count towards the challenge. Visit Partner Airlines to learn more about what flights qualify. Travel on Award Tickets does not qualify for this offer.

The MQDs requirement will be waived if you achieve the MQD Waiver. The MQD Waiver can be earned for Platinum, Gold or Silver Medallion Status for the Status Match Challenge if you make $25,000 or more in eligible purchases with your eligible Delta SkyMiles Credit Card from American Express

Members status level will be updated within five business days of completing the requirements for those who earn Platinum, Gold or Silver Medallion Status beyond the 3 month period through this promotion. Members who successfully complete the Status Match Challenge are eligible for Rollover MQMs based on their earned Medallion Status.

All SkyMiles program rules apply to SkyMiles program membership, miles, offers, mile accrual, mile redemption and travel benefits. To review the rules, please visit Membership Guide & Program Rules. Other restrictions may apply. Offers void where prohibited by law. Offers, rules and benefits subject to change. Please refer Delta customer service representative to 97020412.

3 thoughts on “Delta Elite Status Match for SEA Hub Anniversary”

  1. I got the same email.

    The catch is that if you’re Gold or 75K, you’re better off waiting until July 1. That way you’ll still get Delta platinum as the matched tier, but will also get a full additional year, as the status match does not expire until Jan 2021.

    I do agree that for an Alaska MVP, it’s a great opportunity to sample DL Platinum, which is Delta’s sweet spot IMO.


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