Caesars Palace Augustus Premium Room Review

Caesars Palace Augustus Premium Room Review

During my first stay at Caesars, I stayed in a Julius Tower room.  For this stay, I paid $20 per night to upgrade to a room in the Augustus Tower.  These rooms are the biggest of the base room types at Caesars.  Built in 2005, the Augustus Tower Rooms have recently been renovated.  The nice thing about the Augustus Tower is it is where the spa is located.  It is, however, a bit off of the casino and center of the property.

I was assigned to room 4285 on the 42nd floor.  Some of the rooms are adjoining, I requested one that was not as they tend to be quieter.  I’ve had loud neighbors in Vegas and I try to avoid it.


As you enter, the bathroom is to the left followed by a small closet.

The room is quite large.  The King Room has the bed, a seating area with sectional couch and arm chair, and a table with two chairs by the window.

I’m trying out a new camera, these are some more wide angled photos of the room.

The bed faces the TV with a dresser and desk.

My biggest complaint is that there are no outlets easily accessible from the bed.  You have to move the bedside table in order to reach an outlet.  I do not understand why all hotels don’t put outlets on the bedside table.

The view from the 42nd floor is stunning.


The bathroom is quite nice.  The dual vanity sink is straight ahead as you enter.

To the right is the toilet and to the left is the shower and jetted soaking tub.  The shower is a standard wall mounted head (no handheld wand shower head).

The bathroom products are the same in all the rooms.

The Augustus Rooms are a bit more classic and formal than the more modern Julius Rooms.  They are also larger.  I like the shower in the Julius Room better, but the addition of a jetted tub is a huge plus.

Have you stayed at Caesars Palace?  Do you have a favorite room type?

3 thoughts on “Caesars Palace Augustus Premium Room Review”

  1. How much is the fee to up grade from the Octavius 2 queen room (non smoking) to the augustaus tower? I have a room booked for june and im thinking of upgrading to be in the same tower as my sister. Thanks!

    • I think it depends on occupancy rates and Caesars Rewards status. It might be $40 a night, it might be a couple of hundred. If you really want to be in the same tower, I would suggest canceling your current reservation and rebooking.

  2. The Octavius was as of about 7 years ago, the “Top” tower at Caesars; even garnering it the special title of “Laurel Collection”. So unless the Augustus was just renovated, there should be no upgrade required. More recently, the rooms at the original (of the larger room high-rises “Palace, Augustus, and Octavius” all with Jacuzzi tubs) Palace Tower were renovated making them the most desireable in my opinion, location aside. Palace location is best, only for pool access. One nice feature of the older Palace Tower is the elegance of its hallways, with a seating area near the elevators, and a “jog” in the otherwise long hallway to avoid the appearance of a mile long institutional hallway present in the other two big towers.


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