Alaska Airlines seeks to dominate the West Coast

Alaska Airlines signaled they were serious about expansion when they purchased Virgin America back in December 2016.  For the time being, Virgin America is sticking around.  While not as flashy, Alaska has continued to show it’s commitment to dominance on the West Coast with subsequent announcements of new routes from Portland, the Bay Area, Los Angeles and San Diego.

*Route serviced by E175 aircraft and operated by SkyWest or Horizon
^Route serviced by A320 family of aircraft and operated by Virgin America

The Bay Area

Courtesy of Alaska Airlines

San Francisco (SFO) to Orange County*, Minneapolis*, Orlando^, Philadelphia^, New Orleans^, Nashville^, Indianapolis^, Raleigh-Durham^, Baltimore^, Kona^, Albuquerque*, Kansas City* and future flights to Mexico City.

San Jose (SJC) to Austin*, Tucson*, LAX*

San Diego (SAN)

Courtesy of Alaska Airlines

San Diego to Omaha*, Austin*, Albuquerque*, Minneapolis*, Kansas City*, St. Louis* and future flights to Mexico City.  

Los Angeles area

Los Angeles (LAX) to San Jose* (CA) as well as future flights to Mexico City.

Orange County (SNA) to Albuquerque* and San Francisco*

Portland (PDX)

Portland to Philadelphia, Milwaukee*, Baltimore and Albuquerque* (all seasonal)

In addition, since the merger Alaska began flying the following new routes (previously announced):

San Jose (CA) to Newark and Burbank* (BUR)
Portland to Orlando
LAX to Havana
San Diego to Baltimore

By my count that is 29 new routes from West Coast airports announced in just the past 3 months since the purchase of Virgin America.

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