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The Park Hyatt Sydney is one of only eight Category 7 Hyatt properties.  To redeem an award night at the Park Hyatt Sydney will cost you 30,000 points.  My visit was during the week between Christmas and New Years.  Cash prices were starting around $1100 Australian dollars.  It is quite an expensive property.  One of the main reasons is the billion dollar view.

Park Hyatt Sydney

Location: The Park Hyatt Sydney has undisputedly the best location of any hotel in Sydney.  It is on the east side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, just across from (and with great views of) the Sydney Opera House.  It is a 10 minute walk or so to the Central Quay where you can catch ferries to just about any location.  The area around the Park Hyatt Sydney is known as The Rocks; it is the original settlement in Sydney.  Once a neighborhood of ill repute, it is now one of the higher end neighborhoods.

The only (possible) downside of the location is that it is right next to the cruise terminal.  The rooms are quiet but you still can hear the ship’s announcements.

Park Hyatt Sydney

Check In: After one night in Sydney at the Hyatt Regency, I moved over to the Park Hyatt for two nights.  I arrived quite early knowing that I would not be able to check in.  Instead I wanted to drop my bags off before heading over for a day trip to Manly.  The staff were extremely friendly.  The manager on duty introduced himself and let me know good news/bad news: I had been upgraded to an Opera View room but it wouldn’t be ready until 2:00pm.  I was fine with that since I was already planning to go to the beach.

It was explained to me where the Diamond breakfast was, I dropped my bags and headed off.  I was texted when my room was ready.  I also asked for a towel for the beac which was provided as well as a bottle of water.

Park Hyatt Sydney

The Room: I was assigned to room 340.  The third floor is the top floor of rooms (except for 4 suites on the “roof”).  Standard guest rooms are on floors 0-3.  Note: You cannot use a Diamond Suite Upgrade at the Park Hyatt Sydney.

My room was an Opera View King; an upgrade in size and view from the King Room that points will book you into.  The King Rooms are smaller and have a view of trees.  I believe there are only a few of these rooms, but it would be disappointing to not get an upgrade.

The room is large and typical Park Hyatt design.  Minimalist modern.  Lots of light decor with accents of black.  Very high end finishes.

Upon entry to the room, the small powder room is immediately on the right.  Next there is a large closet on the left and bathroom on the right.  The room then opens up to the bed area with floor to ceiling windows.

Park Hyatt Sydney

The room had a small curved balcony with a chair and stool.  Some of the other rooms had larger square balconies.  Large sliding doors open up to allow the room to flow over onto the balcony should you so choose.

The main attraction is of course the view.  Sadly the bed is placed so that you can’t see the view when laying in bed.  I am sure there is a reason for it, but I would have preferred the layout be flipped.

Curtains, both sheer and blackout, could be mechanically lowered to cover the windows for sleeping.

Additionally there is a table with two chairs, an arm chair with footrest, TV and mini bar.

Park Hyatt Sydney

Bathroom: The bathroom of the Opera View King at the Park Hyatt Sydney is actually divided into two separate areas.  The powder room is quite small and contains just the toilet (with bidet) and small sink.

Park Hyatt Sydney

The main portion of the bathroom included a double vanity and small bench.

Notice that the wall can be moved to open the bathroom to the rest of the bedroom or to close it off for privacy.

Park Hyatt Sydney

A drawer contained various amenities.

The shower and tub area is divided from the rest of the bathroom with a glass door.

Park Hyatt Sydney

A small window peak through window behind the plant allows light to flow from the bath to the powder room.

Amenities were a boutique brand; Bergamote 22.  The lotion had way too much perfume added and I couldn’t use it.

Park Hyatt Sydney

Pool and Amenities: The Park Hyatt Sydney pool is located on the 4th floor roof.  It is actually quite small but I never saw more than a few people on the deck.  There are about a dozen lounge chairs as well as a few mini cabanas to escape the sun.  Water and sunscreen is provided.

The pool water was quite warm (I would say too warm) and the jacuzzi water was nearly identical in temperature.

The roof offers great views of the Harbour.

Park Hyatt SydneyPark Hyatt Sydney

The gym is located on the third floor.

Park Hyatt Sydney

There is a spa on the second floor but I didn’t check it out.

Dining: The main restaurant at the Park Hyatt Sydney is the Dining Room.  Breakfast buffet for Diamonds is included.  Food may be ordered off the menu and/or from the buffet.  I believe if you are not a Diamond member breakfast is $45 Australian dollars.

Park Hyatt Sydney Park Hyatt Sydney

In addition to the Dinning Room, more casual dining is provided in the lobby at the Living Room.  The prices are reasonable for a Park Hyatt property with a killer view.

Park Hyatt SydneyPark Hyatt Sydney

There is also a small bar, located just adjacent to the Living Room.

Park Hyatt Sydney

Service: As one would expect from a Park Hyatt, the service was very good.  The rooms were cleaned twice daily and very thoroughly.  I had dinner one night at the Living Room and the server was exactly what you would want.  Friendly but professional, very knowledgeable, formal.  The concierge were quite helpful.

I was provided fruit and a note as a Diamond member.  I also took the 1000 point welcome amenity; the other option was a bottle of wine I believe

Park Hyatt Sydney

I did find the staff in the Dining Room at breakfast to be a bit rushed and not as focused on details.  Perhaps it was because it was the holidays and the hotel was completely full, but I would say that is the one area where service fell short.

Overall: I think most Sydneysiders would say that the Park Hyatt Sydney is the best hotel in the city.  It for sure has the best views and location.  It is not a high rise so you don’t get the aerial views; but why would you want that in the location.  It comes at a cost; it is one of the most expensive Hyatt properties in the world.  But if you can find a good deal, or have some points to use, the Park Hyatt Sydney is a hotel that you will remember forever.

Park Hyatt Sydney

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