Benefits of Hyatt Diamond Status

I have posted various posts about my process getting the Hyatt Diamond Challenge and what it cost me.  But why would I invest my time and money to get Diamond status?  This post will focus on the benefits of Hyatt Diamond status.

Benefits of Hyatt Diamond Status

Earning Diamond Status:  If you are not participating in a Diamond Challenge (or Elite Tier offer), or you are trying to keep your status beyond the first year, you must have either:

  • 25 separate stays at Hyatt properties or
  • 50 total nights within one calendar year

So technically you could just stay 25 nights and get Diamond (assuming none of those nights were consecutive), or you could just have one stay and get Diamond (assuming your one stay was for nearly 2 months…).


If you have a Chase Hyatt Visa card, you can help meet those minimums though credit card spend.

  • Spend $20k in one calendar year and earn 2 stay credits and 5 night credits
  • Spend $40k in one calendar year and earn an additional 3 stay credits and 5 night credits (5 stay credits total and 10 night credits total)

Main Benefits of Hyatt Diamond Status: 

  • 30% points earn bonus – every Gold Passport member earns 5 points for every $1 spent at a Hyatt property.  As a Diamond member, you get an additional 30%.  For example; if your stay costs $100, you would earn 500 points plus 30% bonus (150 points).  Another way of looking at it is you earn free nights 30% faster.  Of note, Platinum members get 15% bonus.
  • Club lounge access – think of this like an airline lounge for up to 4 guests registered in your room.  Most Regency and Grand properties have Club lounges.  These lounges offer free breakfast and snacks/beverages in the evening.  If your property does not have a Club lounge, you get breakfast provided at the onsite restaurant or room service.
  • Diamond Suite Upgrades – good for 4 stays throughout the year on paid stays (meaning you can’t use on free nights or nights paid with points).  Some properties have great suites you can snag with a DSU.  Some properties are just two connecting rooms.  It is important to do your homework to figure out where to use your upgrades (FlyerTalk is my go-to).

Additional Benefits:  

  • Best room available – usually includes high floor/view rooms.  Some properties have specific floors devoted to Club rooms for Diamond guests (or guests willing to pay) — see this as the First Class area on a plane.  Sometimes these rooms might be a bit bigger, but don’t count on it.
  • Welcome bonus – choose between bonus points when checking in.  You get to choose between 1,000 points (or 500 points at Hyatt Place/House) or a food/beverage gift.  Again, good to consult FlyerTalk to see what you can expect and see what is the better choice.
  • Nightly room refresh – turn down service.
  • Premium Wifi – where available.  For example, at the Grand Hyatt Seattle all guests received the same Wifi with the same speeds.
  • Dedicated check in line – for Diamonds and Platinum members.
  • Late check out
  • Dedicated reservation line and 48 hour room availability guarantee – but no guarantee that the price won’t be outrageous.
  • United Club Passes – 2 per year for use at the airport.
  • Guest of Honor – you are able to book a room using points for friends or family and they also receive the benefits of a Diamond member during their stay.

Benefits of Hyatt Diamond Status

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