Vegas Meet Up 9/19

If anyone is going to be in Vegas next weekend (and who doesn’t need an excuse to go to Vegas!), check out this event to learn and socialize with other in the travel community.   I’ll be speaking first at 2:30.  It is a free event!

EDIT: Here is my PowerPoint for those interested.


Vegas Meet Up – September 19, 2015 2:00-5:00pm

Clark County Library (Large Conference Room) 1401 E. Flamingo Road | Just a couple of blocks from the Strip

2PM – 2:30PM Introductions and Overview – Everyone will have an opportunity to introduce themselves, state where they are from and how they got into the hobby. Feel free to share as much or as little about yourself as you would like.

2:30PM-3PM Vegas/Casino Loyalty Programs by Alan the Single Flyer – An overview of casino loyalty programs and how they fit into the world of travel hacking.

3PM-3:15PM – Break

3:15PM-3:45PM From Newbie to Experienced in a Whirlwind Year by Miles to Memories Contributor PDX Deals Guy – Sharing the tips and methods used to get up to speed incredibly quickly within this hobby. There will definitely be some insight here for both newer people and more experienced veterans.

3:45PM-4PM – Break

4PM-4:30PM Deals, Ninja Tricks & More by Shawn Coomer – I will talk about some of my processes used for finding deals, show how I try to maximize every deal and share a deal too fragile to write about on the blog.

4:30PM-5PM Attendee Tips – Bring a short tip, trick or hack to share with the group. Tips should stay in the room and not be repeated elsewhere.

8 thoughts on “Vegas Meet Up 9/19”

      • Hey Alan! Nice job presenting at MtM’s VegasDO. A few updates…Mlife Platinum can also access the lounges at Mandalay Bay and Delano (neither has beer), Bellagio, Aria and Cosmopolitan require hard coding like Mirage, and Mlife tier match status from Hyatt has updated (I’m good through Sept. 2016).

        If you recall, I gad asked about double dipping with Hyatt and Southwest at Mlife properties. Are you certain about this? Although my stays last weekend have yet to post, I tried getting retro credit for several stays in July and was told it’s one or the other. Thanks again!

        • Thanks for the update!

          I have been getting double dip stays with Hyatt and Southwest… but maybe this is a glitch?

          Where is the lounge at Mandalay? I have heard there is one at Delano but didn’t realize there was a separate one at Mandalay.

          • Mandalay’s lounge is immediately before the check-in area behind frosted double doors. Delano’s is to the left of the check-in area.

            As for double-dip, will wait for postings from Luxor and Monte Carlo and advise.

          • Quick update. After calling twice and being told both times that double dipping isn’t possible (for a few past stays in July), both Hyatt and SWA posted from my stays last week. Clearly a glitch, but a welcome surprise. Nice catch!

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