Changes in Alaska Mileage accrual with Partner Airlines

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In just a few days, there have been some big changes in Alaska mileage accrual with partner airlines.  It’s all bad news unless you are paying for premium classes.  The changes (so far) are on British, Air France, and KLM.  Earning was also drastically reduced on Delta earlier this year.

For all three airlines (BA/AF/KL) you now only earn 25% of actual miles flown for the lowest fares.  The most expensive Economy tickets do still earn you actual miles flown.  You also still earn bonus miles based on your status with Alaska, but those bonuses are based on earned (not actual flown) miles and do not count towards elite status.  A few of the fare classes that formerly earned zero miles now do earn you miles, so that is one positive change I suppose.

The scene is much better in the top tier tickets.  With BA you earn 300% of miles flown if you fly in F class.  On AF you earn 150% of miles flown on any First Class ticket.  And KL you earn 125% of miles flown on any Business Class ticket (KL doesn’t have First Class).

There are still a few Alaska partners where you can earn 100% even on the lowest fares.  Those include American, Fiji, LAN and Qantas.

You can see the complete guide to Alaska mileage accrual with partner airlines on the Alaska website.

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