BankAmeriDeals Cash Back Offers

If you have an Alaska Airlines Visa through Bank of America (and possibly other credit cards through BoA), you can sign up for BankAmeriDeals cash back offers.  These are similar to Amex Offers.  You load them to your card and then when you shop at a particular retailer you get a percentage back.  Check out what your BankAmeriDeals cash back offers are by logging into your account online.

The added bonus right now is that you can get an additional $3 back when you use one of the offers.

BankAmeriDeals Cash Back Offers

A particularly good deal currently is 10% back at Office Max or Office Depot.  The cash back limit is $15, but combined with the $3 offer that is $18.  I don’t see why you couldn’t get the 10% cash back on a gift card, so you can make the $20 off $300 Visa gift cards deal even better (essentially $38 off).  Assuming you can find a store with Visa gift cards in stock.

BankAmeriCards Cash Back OffersWere you able to load the BankAmeriDeal to your card?

Updates of others experience

  • From a forum over at FlyerTalk, it seems not everyone has the same offers.
  • @Drofcredit had the $3 deal but not the OfficeMax/Depot offer.

Do you have the offer on your cards?


3 thoughts on “BankAmeriDeals Cash Back Offers”

  1. I never get any good BoA deals on my account, it’s a bummer.

    Thanks for sharing what’s popping up for others, though, it keeps me invested in checking their site every so often!


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