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Hotels Should Limit Their Brands

Hotels Should Limit Their Brands Today news came out that Hyatt would acquire Two Roads Hospitality.  Currently Two Roads Hospitality has a portfolio of (at least) five brands: Joie de Vivre Hotels, Thompson Hotels, Destination Hotels, tommie and Alila Hotels & Resorts.  Hyatt currently has 13 brands (plus exhale spa).  If Hyatt keeps the Two Roads… Read More »

Marriott Port-Au-Prince Haiti Review

Marriott Port-Au-Prince I am currently on a mileage run that has me in Port-au-Prince Haiti for one night.  There is currently one national chain hotel; the Marriott Port-Au-Prince.  Opened in early 2015, the Marriott Port-Au-Prince is a joint venture between Marriott, the Clinton Foundation, and Digicel as a way to help the local economy.  The eleven story… Read More »