Chase Sapphire Lounge Boston Review

Three of the big banking institutions now have their own airport lounges. Amex Centurion Lounges have been around the longest. Capital One has their lounge. And Chase has the Sapphire Lounges.

If you have a Chase Sapphire Reserve, J.P. Morgan Reserve or The Ritz-Carlton Credit Card, you get unlimited visits to the Sapphire Lounge. All other Priority Pass members get ONE Sapphire Lounge visit per calendar year. I decided to use my one visit during a mileage run to Boston where I had about 45 minutes to kill.

The Chase Sapphire Lounge Boston is located in the B Gates by Gate B40. This is the “connector” area between the B and C gates.

The lounge is located on Level 4, there are two elevators to get up the two floors.

The hours of the lounge are extensive — from 5am to 11pm.

At the check in desk you must show your boarding pass and Priority Pass card.

The front desk has portable power banks that you can borrow to charge your device.

There is plenty of seating in the lounge (I believe that I saw capacity listed at over 400). The first seating area is directly behind the check in desk.

There is more seating between the buffet and bar.

Beyond the bar are two more rooms with areas to sit, eat, work, or just relax.

The restaurant is towards the front of the lounge. There are two sections of the buffet. I was there in the evening and there were plenty of dinner options.

There were a number of asian fusion dishes, along with a half burger and fries and kids chicken strips. I didn’t see any salads but they did have a meat and cheese plate.

I was told upon check in that typically you can order from your phone over the wifi, but that the system was down so that instead I should just serve myself.

Self serve beverage stations are set up at two locations in the lounge. There are coffee machines as well as cold brew on tap. There is also a small fridge that has various canned soft drinks.

The bar is in the middle of the lounge. It has a 1920’s look to it.

Across from the bar is the “tap room” where they have a few beers on top. I didn’t see anyone working the taps, but I’m sure had I wanted a beer there would have been someone that could help me out.

There are both communal bathrooms and two shower rooms.

Just beyond the bathrooms is the relaxation area. You can make an appointment to use one of their zero-gravity massage chairs or take a nap in the quiet area.

There is also a small family area at the back of the lounge.

Throughout my visit, the lounge was well staffed with servers, bussers, and people dusting the fixtures and cleaning the bathrooms. I was there on a Saturday night which might be a slower time; but I would guess the staff to guest ratio was 1:2.

Everything was very clean and in good shape. I did notice one of the sinks in the bathroom was out of order and, as previously mentioned, the mobile ordering didn’t work (I am not sure about the wifi in general as I didn’t try to connect).

The Sapphire Lounge Boston is a great place to spend some time before a flight. Though most people will only have one visit per year. I am sure this helps with over crowding and allows Chase’s top customers to have a more relaxing experience whenever they want to drop in.

Have you visited any of the Sapphire Lounges? What was your experience?

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