Amex Offer Missing Statement Credit

Amex Offers are promotions that you can add to your card so that when a purchase is made, you receive either a statement credit or Membership Rewards points.

Recently there was an offer for Hyatt’s Independent Collection Brands, including JdV, Unbound, and Destinations. The offer was “Spend $400 or more, get $100 back”.

The list of eligible hotels included the Story Hotel Studio Malmö.

This was a convenient option for me to stay two nights after my cruise on Holland America. I found a rate that would get me close to $400 for two nights and booked on

In order to get the total over $400, I ended up paying to have some laundry done. Total = $406.24

Typically I receive an email stating I have used my Amex Offer as soon as the charge hits my credit card. I didn’t receive this email so I waited. After a month, the $100 credit still had not appeared on my statement.

I contacted Amex through their Chat feature and was told that my purchase was ineligible; because if it was eligible, it would have triggered the credit.

I explained that I meet all the requirements (spend amount, correct hotel), and the representative tried to tell me I stayed at the wrong hotel.

I explained that the hotel address on my statement matched that on their list of eligible hotels.

Finally they said that they couldn’t issue the $100 credit but they could escalate it to someone that could review it in 7-10 days.

My guess is that something isn’t coded correctly on Amex’s side. However, this is not my fault but has somehow become my problem.

I am still waiting to hear back from Amex.

Have you had issues with receiving an Amex Offer statement credit?

UPDATE: After two weeks, I received the $100 credit to my statement.

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