Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Dining Review

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Dining Review

Virgin Voyages currently has two identical ships with the same dining options, so while this post is based on my time on the Scarlet Lady, I would assume that those traveling on Valiant Lady would have similar experience.

When one pictures cruises, the food most would imagine is a buffet and a large main dining room.  If you want made to order food, there was an extra fee for “speciality dining”.

Virgin Voyages took a new approach to dining.  First, all dining is included.  There is no up-charge for specialty restaurants.  There also isn’t a buffet.  The closest thing is The Galley which is more of a food hall with some grab and go options available.

The six restaurants are covered below.  During my five night cruise, I tried them all except Gunbae.  But first, I’ll cover the other dining options.  Get ready for lots of food photos.

The Galley

The closest thing to a buffet is The Galley on deck 15 (where you’ll also find the pool).  There are food stations located around the venue in addition to grab and go boxes near the entrance.

There are beverage stations that offer soda, coffee and tea at no additional charge.

If you want a fancier coffee drink, there is Common Grounds where you can order a drink for an additional charge.

If you want a meal, you sit down at an open table and flip up a red flag on the menu board or wave down a server. A QR code brings up the various options at each station.  For the most part, you don’t go and get your own food at each station, the server will enter your order on their phone and someone else will bring it out to you.

I ate lunch twice in The Galley and found it okay but nothing amazing.

I tried the burger station, the salad station, and the taco station.

Other stations include sushi, sandwiches, noodles, all day breakfast, and pastries and bread.

Additional restaurants that don’t require reservations:

The Dock and Dock House

This is a great location to grab a bite on the first day after you have put your suitcase away.  It is located on the back of the ship and offers small plates on the back of the ship.  Deck 7, back of the ship.  Inside and outside seating.

The Social Club Diner

I never ate a meal here; this is more of a snack bar that serves popcorn and hot dogs.  They do have lots of board and table games.  They do have some nice desserts and candy available at the side walk up counter.  Deck 7, mid ship.  Inside.

The Pizza Place

This is one of the few places open late and great after an evening of dancing and drinking.  Thin crust pizzas made to order.  I ate there twice and both pizzas were excellent.  To go or eat in.  Deck 7, mid ship.  Inside and outside dining.

Lick Me Till… Ice Cream

I frequented the ice cream shop, located just outside The Pizza Place, daily.  Fantastic ice cream (no additional cost) with rich flavors in cone or cup.  Deck 7, mid ship.

Sun Club Cafe

To be honest, I didn’t even really know this place existed.  I think it is mainly for people that are hanging out at the pool all day and want a meal.  Deck 15, behind the main pool.  Outdoor counter service.

Room Service:

Ship Eats

Room service is available until 2am.  If you want to order breakfast, you can pre-order the night before or order in the morning.  It isn’t available on the final day of the cruise.  You order through the app and there is a $7 delivery fee.  However, if you order anything that has a cost, the delivery charge is waived.  So for breakfast, I ordered fresh squeezed orange juice for $5 and avoided the fee.

The order comes in a stacked set of bowls in a zipped fabric bag.


Okay, so those are the options that don’t require reservations.  The main six restaurants require reservations that can be made through the app.  I recommend that you do it either before the cruise or as soon as you set foot on the ship.  On my cruise, there was ability to make adjustments or even just walk up, but making reservations ahead of time guarantees you a table.  All the restaurants are indoors.


Gunbae is the Korean BBQ where the meal is cooked at your table.  This is the one restaurant I didn’t try.  I’ve heard it is fun but also it is good to know that most tables seat six and you will be sat with other people.

Located Deck 15 in the back of The Galley.

Extra Virgin

I was excited for Extra Virgin, the Italian restaurant, but overall found the meal, especially my main dish, to be just okay.  The pasta is made on the ship and I enjoyed the gnocchi; which was probably my favorite part of the meal.  The starter was crispy artichoke with a nice sauce.  My main was the chicken which was a bad decision.  I found the dessert to be dry.

Two things that seemed to stand out to me (that I didn’t try but the next table over did) was the charcuterie board and the affogato cart (espresso over ice cream).

Located Deck 6, back of the ship.

Test Kitchen

Test Kitchen is a fun option to try things you wouldn’t normally try.  The restaurant seating is set up around various open kitchens where the staff are preparing the food.  It reminded me a bit of the film The Menu.

There is a set menu (it changes half way through the cruise, so you could do it twice).  The menu has no details but instead the food is brought to you and explained by one of the staff.

As it is six courses, prepare to spend about 2 hours at dinner.  Below you can see the dishes in order (I missed the mushroom dish, but I don’t want to ruin every surprise).

Overall the food was interesting, but it was more of an experience than a meal.  I left full but I would imagine people that just want a standard meal might be disappointed.

Located Deck 6, back of the ship.

Razzle Dazzle

Razzle Dazzle is open for both breakfast and dinner.  It would be their closest thing to a main dining room but far from traditional cruise fare.

The space is sensory overload with lots of red, black and white stripes.

I ate three of my breakfasts and one dinner in Razzle Dazzle.  There are a lot of vegan and vegetarian dishes, but meat eaters can find options as well.

They have a couple of flashy menu items including the Fairy Toast at breakfast as well as churros with ube ice cream.

The breakfast was always good though my waffles always came out cold.  I’m not sure if that was on purpose or just what happens.

For dinner I ordered the chicken curry off the secret menu (I believe the secret menu changes every day).  The salad I ordered was excellent.

Razzle Dazzle is located on Deck 5.

The Wake

Located at the very back of the ship is The Wake; which is the other restaurant opened for breakfast/brunch and dinner.  I ate both breakfast and dinner one time at The Wake.  It is perhaps the most formal restaurant, though I saw people dining in t-shirts and bathing suits.

The Wake specializes in seafood and steak in a “Great Gatsby”, 1920’s decor.  You enter down a staircase on Deck 7.  Great views out the back of the ship.

The brunch menu is limited and I preferred Razzle Dazzle for my morning meal.  The French toast was good but not great.  I also tried the crepe cake which was light and sweet.  Dessert for breakfast for sure.

At dinner, fresh bread is brought once you sit down.  I ordered the clam chowder and wedge salad to start — which was probably enough for a meal by itself.

I then had the chicken with sides of asparagus and twice baked potato.  The chicken was much better than at Extra Virgin.

For dessert I had the signature Wake chocolate tart.

I heard others say they weren’t impressed by The Wake.  I had it on my last night so maybe I went in with low expectations but I thought it was one of the best meals I had on my trip.

The Wake is located on Deck 6 but you enter from Deck 7 at the back of the ship.

Pink Agave

Probably my favorite meal on the ship was at Pink Agave, the Mexican restaurant.  The location is a bit odd, you have to walk through Sailor Services.  But the restaurant is beautiful.

I ordered four small plates and skipped a main.  The corn and guacamole were excellent.

The chicken enchilada and potatoes were also very good.

They have a wide selection of tequila but the one I wanted was out of stock.  Still you can find something to your liking.

For dessert I had the chocolate tacos which were rich and flavorful.

Located on Deck 5, past Sailor Services.

I don’t think I had any bad food while on Virgin Voyages.  Most of the food is made to order and isn’t sitting under a heat lamp waiting to be served.  The staff are friendly, knowledgable, and fast.

Bonus: Bimini Beach Club Lunch

All sailings from Miami stop at Bimini where you can visit Virgin Voyages private Beach Club.  Lunch is available (no extra cost).  I heard that the lunch is prepared by an outside vender, and I found the quality be lower than on the ship.  It is small bites with a tropical theme.  They have rows of the food ready to go and you order your items from a counter and are immediately handed them on a tray.

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