Bellagio Stay Well Resort King Room Review

Bellagio Stay Well Resort King Room Review

Recently Bellagio updated the rooms located in the main Bellagio Tower.  I have stayed at the property before and was interested in checking out the renovated rooms.  I would be staying just one night and the offer I had allowed me to reserve a complimentary room.  However I decided to pay a $60 room rate for a Stay Well room in order to get a Hyatt stay credit.

MGM Resorts and Hyatt are partners.  Stays at MGM Resorts properties earn World of Hyatt points and stay credits towards Hyatt status but only on paid rooms.  So a free comped room doesn’t get you a stay credit but a $60 “upgrade” to a Stay Well room does.  I need a few more nights for my Hyatt Globalist status so paying the extra $60 for the room was a good option for me.

I arrived at the property and checked-in to my room via the MGM Resorts app.  I was then able to print my own key without having to stand in line.  I headed up to my room.

Bellagio has two Stay Well floors (23 & 24) in their Bellagio Tower.

As you exit the elevator, you are greeted by a large logo reminding you that you are staying on a Stay Well floor.  There are two “living walls” and supposedly aroma therapy in the halls though the only thing I noticed was an employee walking down the hall spraying some liquid in the morning.

I was assigned room 23035.

Newly Renovated Rooms

Bellagio began their room renovations in 2021 with a brighter look that feels modern with a California beach vibe.

Here is the old room:

And here is the new room:

The king bed is framed by wall panels with a textured design directly behind the headboard.  Electrical outlets are built in next to the bed on both sides.  A retro velvet couch sits in front of the window.

The bed faces a wall mounted TV and the mini bar.  In the corner by the window is a table with a chair and a stool.

Below are some additional photos of the pre-renovation rooms for comparison.

My view was of the pools, I-15, and the mountains beyond.


The bathroom has also been updated.  There is a small hall back towards the entry where you will find the closet and bathroom.

The biggest change is instead of a shower and tub; they have replaced it with one very large shower.  I believe that the new closet (above) cuts into the bathroom space formerly taken up by the shower.

The bath products are “Lanovera” branded for MGM Resorts.

By contrast, here is how the tub and shower looked before renovation.


Stay Well Amenities

So what does the additional charge get you in a Stay Well room?  Stay Well is a company that provides various properties with amenities and a branding that hopes to cash in on the wellness movement.  It isn’t just at MGM Resorts; you can find Stay Well rooms at a number of hotels.

Air Purifier 

A wall mounted air purifier by Rabbit Air has various fan speeds and ambient lighting.  An air purifier is only as good as the filter, so I would hope that Stay Well regulates how often it is changed because overall I haven’t found MGM Resorts to be on top of maintenance.

Wake Up Light

I had one of these for a few years and I didn’t find it helped much but some people might like to use it.  It gets brighter and makes natures sounds over a period of time to help you wake more naturally in the morning.

White Noise Machine

In addition to the light alarm there is a white noise machine with various settings.  I found the air purifier offered enough white noise but others might like this as an option.

Shower Infuser

Bellagio’s website says it infuses your shower water with Vitamin C.  Stay Well’s website says it reduces Chlorine.  So I’m not sure what it actually does.  I assume it would also need to be “recharged” or replaced from time to time.

Water Filtration

Both bathroom sinks have water filtration systems.  I tried drinking the water and it still didn’t taste very good; so not sure if the filter needs to be replaced or if it just isn’t powerful enough to improve Vegas tap water.


The Bellagio website describes the mattress in two ways: “Stay Well Mattress with Stay Well Mattress Encasement” and “Handmade Sterns & Foster Mattress Crafted Exclusively for Bellagio” so I am not sure which it is.  But I found the mattress to be comfortable and the sheets to be high quality either way.

Apparently there is also a welcome from Deeprak Chopra (maybe if I had turned on the TV I would have seen it) and a Cleveland Clinic newsletter you can sign up for.  There is also a nightlight built into one of the bathroom outlets.  Apparently Stay Well rooms are also cleaned to a higher standard though I seriously doubt that considering I found a used toothpick in left in the garbage can.  One of the lightbulbs next to the bed was also burned out.

I found the Stay Well amenities to be nice additions but not a game changer.  If I had the choice of a Stay Well or regular room for the same price, I would pick the Stay Well room.  But I wouldn’t pay extra for a Stay Well room.

Have you stayed in a Stay Well room at any hotel?  Did you find it a valuable addition?

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