Grand Hyatt Amman Review

Grand Hyatt Amman Review

I spent one night at the Grand Hyatt Amman before heading down to the Dead Sea.  Unfortunately my flight was delayed so I didn’t arrive at the hotel until after 10pm.  I booked the night using points (8,000 Hyatt Points).  I found the property to be dated located in an area that doesn’t lend itself to walking.


The Grand Hyatt Amman is located at the “3rd Circle” on a fairly major road.  The heart of the city is a 30 minute walk or 10 minute taxi/Uber drive.

In a way the location reminded me a bit of the Grand Hyatt Athens in that it really isn’t much of a neighborhood and you have to travel a bit to any sites.

In the morning before departing the hotel I walked in to the downtown area and then took an Uber back.  It wasn’t a scenic walk but I never felt unsafe.

Check In

I rented a car and drove myself to the property.  Like most hotels in Jordan, there is a large security presence.  An Al-Qaeda suicide bomber set off explosives in the lobby in 2005 killing nine people, including the producer of the Halloween films.  As you approach the hotel, you pull your car into an area away from the front entrance.  You then have to go through a security check and walk down a long maze-like hallway before you can get into the lobby.

As I arrived late, there were no other guests at check in and the staff was able to help me right away.  As a Globalist I had been pre-upgraded earlier in the day to a suite, however, when I got there no suites were available.  Instead I received a standard room on the Club Floor (9th/top floor).


I was assigned room 906, just down the hall from the Grand Club.

As I mentioned, I found the room dated.  It was well maintained and clean, just probably hadn’t been renovated in many years.  As you enter, the bathroom is on the left.  The main room is ahead.  Overall the room is on the small size.

A small glass desk is set up in the corner by the window.

On the desk was a bottle of local wine.  Some desserts were on the table under the TV.

The view from my room was across the pool and the city.


The bathroom at the Grand Hyatt Amman is very small.  The toilet is directly beside the sink.  There is a good amount of sink space and some built in storage in the wall.

To the right of the sink is a wet room that has a shower and tub — separate but built together within a glass enclosure.

All of the bath products are Balmain.

Grand Club

The Grand Club recently reopened post-COVID.  I didn’t get to try the evening options as I arrived too late but I did have breakfast in the morning.  In addition to a buffet, there are pancakes, waffles and eggs made to order.  The staff in the lounge was very friendly and helpful.

The view from the Club is towards Circle 3 and downtown.

There are a number of restaurants on site that I didn’t have an opportunity to try.

Pool, Gym & Spa

The spa complex includes the gym, spa that includes a steam room and jacuzzi, and pools are all in the same area on the floor above the lobby.

There is both an indoor and outdoor pool.

There is additional outdoor seating on the lobby level.


I was only at the Grand Hyatt Amman for a short time — total of about 12 hours including sleep time.  Nothing specifically stood out to me as excellent about the property.  Most people visiting Jordan will want to go to the sites south of Amman (Dead Sea, Petra, Wadi Rum).  Even as a Hyatt loyalist, I would probably encourage others to bypass Amman especially given that the airport is about 35 km south of the city.  If I were to do it again, I would probably stay my first night near the airport and go straight from there to the Dead Sea.

Have you visited Amman and/or stayed at the Grand Hyatt?  Did you have a more standout stay?

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