Hyatt Regency Zurich Airport at The Circle Review

Hyatt Regency Zurich Airport at The Circle Review

At the end of my summer 2021 European trip, I would be departing from Zurich.  I decided to book two nights at the brand new Hyatt Regency Zurich Airport at The Circle knowing I could take the train in to the city to explore.  The property is a Category 5 which means that it will cost 20,000 points to book.  Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in the world.  I booked my two nights for 163.15 Swiss Francs per night (roughly $178 USD) and then used a Tier Suite Upgrade to confirm a Regency Suite.


The Hyatt Regency Zurich is located adjacent to the Zurich Airport and train station in The Circle, a new development with offices, shopping, hotels, conference center and a park.  It is a quick walk from the airport.

It is a quick 10 minute train ride into the center of Zurich from the airport train station.  Between the Regency and the airport is a bus/tram station as well — though the train is the quickest way into the city.

A second Hyatt property at The Circle, a Hyatt Place, is set to open later this year (2021).  It is located on the opposite end of The Circle complex.  Your only full Hyatt option in downtown Zurich is the Park Hyatt.

To get the hotel from the airport, just follow the many signs to The Circle or the Tram/Bus Station.

There are a number of restaurants at The Circle, but the airport entrance by the tram station has a ton of restaurants and a couple grocery stores as well.

Check In

There are two entrances to the Regency.  Most people will probably come from the airport/train/tram station through The Circle. Follow the signs to the Hyatt Regency and look for the muted entrance at #41.  Note that you will go through the doors and have to go up one level to the lobby.

Here is a picture of the map of The Circle.  Notice that Hyatt Place is located at the opposite side at #1.

If you are driving to the property, there is a second main entrance to the hotel on the lobby level.

The lobby has plenty of seating, a small store, and the restaurant.

The staff member that checked me in had only been working at the property for three days and knew nothing about World of Hyatt.  Fortunately another team member was there and explained breakfast and cocktail hour were in the restaurant but the Regency Club was still open on the 9th floor for coffee and soft drinks.


I was assigned Room 423, a Regency Suite on the 4th floor.  The 4th floor is actually the first floor of guest rooms.  The lobby is located on floor 2. You need a key to access any floor, and you can only access the floor where your room is located as well as the 8th floor with gym/sauna and 9th floor for Regency Club if you have access.

As you enter the suite, there is a small 1/2 bath to the left as well as some closet space.

The living room has a large L shaped couch, table and large wall mounted TV.

A welcome amenity of a bottle of water and some nuts were waiting for me along with a card signed by the staff.

Between the living room and bedroom is a closet and desk.  It can be closed off with sliding pocket doors.

The desk has a strip of outlets that include the one European outlet in the room (middle).  Switzerland uses it’s own 3-prong outlet style (right).

The closet has a safe and mini bar built in, along with the coffee set up.

The bedroom has floor to ceiling windows on two sides.  The bed faces the large window wall and a TV is set up on a tripod in the corner.

Various lighting options are available for the bedroom.  Panels with controls for the lights and outlets are on each side of the bed.  One side also has a clock with wireless phone charger.

The view looked directly out onto the driveway and main entrance of the property as well as the park.

I found the light and curtain controls in the room to be quite confusing.  Below is just one of 7-8 control panels in the suite.  Each window has three sets of curtains – sheer curtain, black out curtain, and then an outside shade that goes up and down.  The lights also can be quite confusing, as in addition to turning them on and off with various switches, some are also motion activated.  After two nights I still hadn’t figured out which switches controlled which things and had to go with trial and error to turn things on or off or close or open curtains.


The main bathroom is located off the bedroom.  It is separated by a solid pocked door that you will want to close at night as there is a clock in the mirror that is extremely bright.

There is a large single modern sink under the mirror.

To the left is the toilet with built in bidet.  To the right is the shower and separate bath tub.

The shower has both a rain shower head and a handheld wand.

The freestanding tub is next to the floor to ceiling windows.  You can close the solid blinds for more privacy than just the sheer curtain.

Additionally there is the 1/2 bath just inside the entrance to the suite.

The bath products are the standard Hyatt Regency Pharmacopia brand.  Robes and slippers are also provided.

Gym & Sauna

The gym and sauna are located on the 8th floor and are open 24 hours.  The gym has modern equipment and an additional fitness room for classes (though not sure if they are offered).

Next to the gym are the locker rooms, each with a sauna and relaxation area.

There is no pool at the property.


Right outside of the hotel is a beautiful park built on a hill that The Circle wraps partway around.  There are various hiking paths as well as a free tram that will take you to the top of the hill.  It is a unique amenity at an airport/conference property.

Regency Club

The Regency Club is located on the 9th floor and is open from 6am to 10pm.  Currently it is open but not serving food due to COVID.  It is a pretty large club with an outdoor patio.

There is a self service coffee machine and a fridge with soda and juices.  Chocolates are also available all the time.


Instead of serving breakfast and evening snacks in the club, currently they are offered in the restaurant Babel off the lobby.  The restaurant serves middle eastern cuisine and features and open kitchen.

Breakfast is ordered from a menu; as a Globalist there is no limit on what you are allowed to order.  I found the food to be freshly made and very good quality.

The complimentary Globalist evening snack time includes alcoholic beverages and a tiered service of various light bites.

Of course if you wanted to order additional dishes you could for menu price.


With the exception of my check in staff that was brand new, I found the service to be on top of it.  Even when the breakfast time was busy, the staff made sure guests were looked after in an efficient manner.

If you want excellent service, I would assume a stay at the (much more expensive) Park Hyatt would be the better option.  But overall I was impressed by the service at the Regency.

With quick public options for transportation to Zurich’s city and access to the airport, the Hyatt Regency Zurich Airport at The Circle is a modern property with some nice amenities.  I would like to try the Park Hyatt for my next visit, but the ease of the Regency before or after flights is a great new option for Zurich.

Model of The Circle

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