Summer Road Trip 2020

Summer Road Trip 2020

Recently I changed careers, and I now have about 8 weeks off every summer.  This is the first summer at my new job, and wouldn’t luck have it, COVID prevents me from flying overseas.

So I decided to pack my bags and head out on a road trip to see some of the west — places I’ve never been and in my own country.  People fly in from all over the world to see the western United States, so why shouldn’t I devote some time to seeing it as well?

So I packed up my car, loaded my phone with podcasts, and I am heading out for a month (give or take) on the road.  I plan to spend most nights in hotels (Hyatt when I can as I am attempting to achieve Globalist status) and camp when I can.

The map above his my rough route, hitting a number of National Parks in addition to other locations I have wanted to visit.

You are welcome to follow along through as well as @singleflyer on Instagram and @single_flyer on Twitter.  I also would love to hear from you suggested detours and places to visit along the way.

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