Hyatt Regency Amsterdam Review

Hyatt Regency Amsterdam Review

The Hyatt Regency Amsterdam opened about 6 months ago, in April 2017.  It is in a mostly brand new building.  They retained some of an older building on the site but you would have no clue unless you looked carefully at the facade on the outside.  It is a very modern hotel and compliments the Andaz Amsterdam nicely.  Currently it is a Category 4 Hyatt; meaning I was able to book a room for 7,500 points + $100 per night.  I wouldn’t be at all surprised if in the future it moves to a Category 5 property.  UPDATE: It is now a Category 5 as I predicted.


The Hyatt Regency Amsterdam is located on the south edge of the city center along one of the outer canals.  It is 1 block from the Weesperplein metro station (3 stops from Centraal Station) as well as a short block to the 7 and 10 streetcar line that will take you to the museums.  It is about a 30 minute walk (1.5 miles) into the heart of the old town.  An Uber in from the airport was about €40.

Check In

We arrived on a Friday evening and there was no line at check in.  There is a World of Hyatt desk next to the regular check in desks, but during my stay I didn’t notice a need for it.  The staff at the Hyatt Regency are all very friendly and professional.  The uniform is grey suites with white tennis shoes and it fits in with the vibe of this property.

The lobby isn’t your typical Regency lobby.  The whole property feels like it would be better branded as a “Hyatt” rather than a Regency.  I would compare it in many ways to the Hyatt Olive 8 or perhaps even a Centric property.  It has too much of a boutique feel to be a Regency; which is not a bad thing at all.

The lobby is open to the adjacent restaurant and bar.  The bar flows into the lobby and there is not really a division between the two.  The color scheme throughout the hotel is light woods, dark grey and green.  There are hanging plants from the ceiling and a living wall gives the lobby a playful feel.  There are plenty of comfortable lounge seats if you are waiting.

I was traveling with a friend so I booked a Twin Room and used a Club Access Award certificate (I am a World of Hyatt Explorist).  We were assigned room 236, a Club room on the second floor.  Remember that the lobby is on floor zero, so second floor is actually three floors up for us Americans.  We were informed at check in that not only would we have access to the Regency Club lounge but we could choose to take our breakfast in the lounge or in the hotel restaurant off the lobby that had a bigger selection and included made to order options.  Best use of a Club Access Award so far!


Our Club room (236) at the Hyatt Regency Amsterdam was on the second floor in a corner that overlooks the courtyard and canal.

As you enter there is a small entry followed by the bathroom (behind the mirrored door) on the right and closets on the left.

We reserved a Twin room and the beds were quite close together (but we were able to pull them apart a bit for some personal space).

The TV is at the foot of the bed on a small table.  The TV is equipped with an AppleTV so you can stream your computer/iPhone to the TV.  I hope more hotels will continue to add these type of devices to their rooms (and/or include Netflix!).

Against the far wall is a desk and armchair.

Lighting is controlled by switches on either side of the bed.  I never quite figured out how to get them to work how I thought they should.  In addition to overhead lights, there is an LED reading light on each side of the bed.

All of the art in the room is mural based; there are no framed pieces of art.  The theme is botany and it works well with the experience of the lobby and the green wall.

Water is provided each day and there is a capsule type coffee maker in room.  The mini bar is basic and standard mini bar prices (expensive); not sure why you would use it when the Club is just down the hall.

The closet is a good size and has robes and slippers for use.

The hotel is not a high rise; there are only 5 floors so you aren’t going to get an expansive view.  Still, the view from the room is peaceful of the courtyard and canal.

The windows open to let in fresh air.


The bathroom is modern and like most modern hotels, has a barn style sliding door.  The front of the door is a large mirror.  Inside the bathroom are three sections divided by glass doors.  The center section is the sink and mirror.  The mirror has a clock built in; however during our stay the clock showed the wrong time and for the life of my I couldn’t figure out how to set it.  I believe you had to have a remote control to do so.

The toilet (to the left) is not particularly private however it does have frosted glass to provide some privacy.  I would still suggest closing the bathroom door unless you are very close with your travel companion.

To the left is the shower enclosure.  There is a rain shower head as well as a hand held shower wand.  I was very impressed with the water pressure even when both shower heads were turned on.  The shower is controlled by push buttons and a temperature knob.  Very modern and easy to use.

The bathroom amenities are by Pharmacopia.  So thankful that they don’t have Kennet MD.  All amenities are replaced daily.  Also in the sink area was a sign that let guests know turn down service is available by request.  Not sure if that is just for Club rooms or all guest rooms.


As I mentioned, those with Globalist status, those using a Club Access Award or booking a Club room, have the option of breakfast in the Club lounge or the main restaurant, Mama Makan.  During breakfast there is a buffet as well as made to order options.  All is included.  If you are paying for breakfast, the price is €28.

Both the service and food were top notch.  At first they told us we didn’t have breakfast included but after they double checked they informed us they were mistaken.  The staff were very apologetic for the mistake.

The first night we arrived also had dinner in the restaurant.  The theme is Indonesian and we found the dishes to be quite good.  I am sure it helped we were coming off of a long day of travel.

The bar is lively in the evening; on Friday nights they bring in a DJ.  You can order some food items from the restaurant kitchen.

Just outside the bar is the courtyard.  Bikes are available for rental for the day.


While there is no pool, the gym facilities are very high end.  Covering two floors, the first floor is the gym while the basement is the locker room/spa area.

The spa area is quite odd.  There is a male/female locker room but they go out to a shared spa area with sauna, steam room, and huge shower.  I suppose you are supposed to wear a swimsuit, but since there is no pool, I’m not sure who would bring their suit.

Regency Club

The Regency Club is located on Floor 2.  It is a beautiful space with street views.  I never ate breakfast in the Club, preferring the options of the restaurant on the main floor.  There is always coffee, soda, water, juice available.  In the afternoon they have light snacks and a happy hour in the evening.

I found the staff at the Club to be very friendly and knowledgable.


The Hyatt Regency Amsterdam is a very modern, clean hotel that feels more boutique than business.  It is hard to compare to the Andaz, which is in a better location but also a lot more expensive.  But the Regency is not a boring, sterile hotel.  It has character, close to transit, and has a great breakfast for those with access.  It is a great addition to the Hyatt portfolio in Europe and definitely worth a stay.

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