Hyatt House Anaheim Resort Review

Hyatt House Anaheim Resort

I find Hyatt’s two “Modern Essential” brands; Hyatt Place and Hyatt House, to be mostly cookie cutter.  The rooms are all the same, the breakfasts are uniform and the staff are reliable.  I’ve stayed at a number of both types of properties and rarely write about them.  I believe the Hyatt House Anaheim Resort may be one of the few distinct Hyatt House properties due to it’s location and some changes that reflect that.

Hyatt House Anaheim Resort

Location: The best thing about the Hyatt House Anaheim Resort is the location.  It is the closest Hyatt property to Disneyland — closer than either the Hyatt Place or Regency that are farther down Harbor Blvd.  There are only a couple of chain hotels that are closer to the park.  In fact, one of the Disney parking lots is even farther away.

The walk from the Hyatt House Anaheim Resort to Disneyland is 0.6 miles.  It is along a busy street but there is a wide sidewalk/path to the entrance.  As the crow flies, from the hotel to Radiator Springs in Cars Land is about 500 feet.  From my room I was easily able to watch the evening fireworks while laying on my bed.

Hyatt House Anaheim Resort

There is no shuttle service to the park.  The only viable option is to walk.

There are plenty of restaurants nearby (Cheesecake Factory is across the street and an IHOP is next door).  There is a Walgreens on the ground level of the hotel which is very convenient (although you have to walk across the parking lot to access it).  There are 4-5 empty retail spaces also on the first floor that will probably offer some additional food and shopping options in the near future (rumor is a Starbucks is going in).

Hyatt House Anaheim Resort

Check In: The Hyatt House Anaheim Resort is basically built on stilts.  The lobby and dining room is on the ground level and the (paid) parking is just outside the lobby under the rest of the hotel.  There is also an underground parking garage.

The front desk is in the large lobby and was always staffed by two employees when I walked by.

Hyatt House Anaheim Resort

Check In was quite speedy with little explanation of the property besides breakfast.  There was no mention of my World of Hyatt status.  When I checked back later about a late check out, the employee had to look up the benefits (it was only two days in to the new loyalty program).

I was booked under two reservations (the first night was paid, the second was my free Chase Hyatt Anniversary Night) and was told I would need to check out and check back in at the front desk but would be allowed to keep my same room.

Room: The Hyatt House Anaheim Resort opened in July 2016 so everything still felt new during my stay.  I was assigned room 520 — a standard “King Bed Den Guestroom“.  There are 5 floors at the hotel; guestrooms are on floors 2-5.  I had a top floor room with a view of the park.  Rooms ending in 18-26 have the best views.

Some of the rooms are quite a trek from the elevator as the property has a total of 262 rooms (roughly 62 rooms per floor).

Hyatt House Anaheim Resort

The room itself is very standard Hyatt House set up.  Quite modern and utilitarian.  In the standard room there is a seating area with L-shaped couch (sofa bed).

Hyatt House Anaheim Resort

The “den” area includes a desk, TV, dresser, and microwave with mini-fridge and coffeemaker.

Hyatt House Anaheim Resort

There is also a closet (with safe) in the small hall off the entrance.

While my room had only one bed plus sofa bed, there are also rooms with two queen beds and suites that include bunk beds.  Lots of good options for families.

Bathroom: The bathroom has a single sink with lots of counter space.  The shower is glassed in but there is no tub.  The towels are stored on a rack in the shower.  Bath amenities included shampoo and conditioner and two bars of soap.  No shower gel or lotion.

Hyatt House Anaheim Resort

Pool: The pool is located on the second floor just off the elevators.  The pool deck is large with many chairs and seating areas.  A raised area has additional seating and the hot tub.

Hyatt House Anaheim Resort

The gym is located just off the pool area.  There are also two showers for before or after swim spray off.

Breakfast: On the main floor of the Hyatt House Anaheim Resort and just off the lobby is a small “pantry” where you can purchase food items.  There is also an office space with shared computers.  A bar connects into the large “cafeteria” that includes both indoor and outdoor seating (as well as an outdoor pool table).

Breakfast is a mad house.  Families grabbing a bite to eat before heading to the park for opening.  Luckily there is a ton of seating and they have identical buffets set up along two separate walls.

Hyatt House Anaheim Resort

Eating at the Hyatt House Anaheim Resort feels like eating at camp or a school cafeteria.  The food is fine but mass produced.  Breakfast is included for all guests.  The hot food varied slightly by the day (one day they had French toast, the next they had waffles).  Overall it is a great set up and option for families.

Overall: The price of the Hyatt House Anaheim Resort is going to be inflated because of the location.  You will pay minimum of $150 a night or 12,000 points for an award stay.

The property is in great shape — modern and nice artistic touches.

Hyatt House Anaheim Resort Hyatt House Anaheim Resort

Anaheim and the area around Disneyland is changing rapidly.  Just across from the Hyatt House Anaheim Resort is a new Marriott Spring Hill Suites and Residence Inn.  The Convention Center is expanding and there are plans for at least three new luxury hotels nearby including a new 700 room Disney hotel.  I am glad that there is a Hyatt option so close the park now (in addition to the also very close Hyatt Place).

I would not hesitate to stay at the Hyatt House Anaheim Resort again.  For a family it is a great location for a fraction of the cost of a Disney owned property.

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  1. The rumor about the Starbucks is true. I responded to a Craigslist ad last week looking to hire 20 Baristas. I got a call back today about the job and it’s with Starbucks inside Hyatt House.


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