JetBlue Award Pricing Glitch

Today I saw a deal for Seattle to Anchorage on JetBlue for $132 RT.  This is a pretty good deal and I have been wanting to visit Alaska.  On top of that I have a ton of JetBlue points from a recent promotion.  When I decided to check flights I came across an odd JetBlue Award pricing glitch.

The below screen shots are all for the same dates and flights.  I’ve added some circles and arrows for emphasis but no other funny business.

When I pulled up the calendar, most dates were listed as “FROM 3,300pts + $5.60”.  The dates I picked were June 2 departure and June 5 return.


When I selected those dates, it correctly showed 6,600 points + $11.20 for the RT ticket.


However, when I clicked “Continue” the lowest price options were 4,700 points + $5.60 for each flight (or 9,400 points + $11.20 RT).


When I selected the actual flights, the total then changed to 12,000 points + $11.20 RT!


However when I clicked Continue to the Traveler info page, the price dropped down to 8,000 points + $11.20 RT.

JetBlue Award Pricing Glitch

So what is the real price?  Is it 6,600 points?  9,400 points?  12,000 points?  Or 8,000 points?

Following through to the booking page it is in fact 8,000 points + $11.20 for this ticket.  But why so much confusion?

I did a follow up experiment for the same flights but with cash instead of points.  The price stayed the same throughout the process.

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