Neon Museum North Gallery

Neon Museum North Gallery

This past Saturday the Neon Museum offered free admission to its North Gallery in celebration of Nevada Day.  The Neon Museum North Gallery is the smaller “Neon Boneyard”.  It is typically used for weddings and other private events.  None of the signs are restored.  There is no electricity so it is a bit more rustic.  There are still a great number of pieces to see.

neonvegas20161029_162209 Neon Museum North Gallery

Staff was on hand to answer questions.  They were quite knowledgeable about the history.

There are 60 signs in the Neon Museum North Gallery while the main Boneyard has 200 signs.

Here are a few photos I took of the Neon Museum North Gallery.

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If you are a Vegas history buff, the Neon Museum is a fun detour if you can find a way to visit.  I have yet to do the full tour of the main Neon Boneyard.  My understanding is the Neon Museum North Gallery is an add on to the standard tour; however the website says it is not open for tours.

If you don’t want to pay to visit the Neon Museum, a number of their restored pieces are on display in downtown Vegas.

Neon Museum North Gallery

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