Hyatt Gold Passport Points Devaluation?

Are we in for an imminent Hyatt Gold Passport points devaluation?

Yesterday I received an email offering a 40% point bonus when you purchase 10,000-55,000 points by October 25, 2016.  Unlike previous offers, this one is NOT targeted and anyone can purchase points at this rate.  Their last 40% bonus on points purchase was this summer.  Although that one was targeted.

Hyatt Gold Passport Points Devaluation

This comes as Hyatt is in the midst of THREE other Gold Passport promotions:

screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-5-56-08-pm Hyatt Gold Passport Points Devaluation

Plus a bonus promotion (not directly tied to points) also going on right now:

If you are staying at Hyatt this fall you can earn a lot of bonus miles.  This leads me to wonder if we are in store for a Hyatt Gold Passport points devaluation.

A Hyatt Gold Passport points devaluation could come in a couple of ways.  But most likely it would come in the form of higher number of points needed for award bookings.

Alternatively, it could be that Hyatt is hoping to poach customers from SPG as it completes its merger with Marriott.

Or maybe it is to compete with Hilton’s crazy stacking promotions this fall.

It’s hard to know.  I hope we won’t see a Hyatt Gold Passport points devaluation but these current promotions make me a bit nervous.

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