Icelandair Saga Lounge (KEF)

Icelandair Saga Lounge

The only lounge that Icelandair runs is the Saga Lounge at Keflavík International Airport in Reykjavik.  The Icelandair Saga Lounge is also the only lounge at all in the Reykjavik airport.

The Icelandair Saga Lounge is located after security just past Gate A16 and before passport control for non-European departures.  Look for a glass door.

Icelandair Saga Lounge

A sign was posted explaining who has access to the lounge.  I was able to access it as an Alaska Airlines MVP Gold.  I just showed my card and they scanned my boarding pass and let me in.

Icelandair Saga Lounge

The Icelandair Saga Lounge is in the basement so there is not much natural light.  And no plane spotting.  Although you’d mostly be seeing Icelandair 757s.

The decor feels northern European — lots of light color wood, minimalist design and lots of rocks.

After checking in at the front desk restrooms are to the right and the rest of the lounge is to the left.

Icelandair Saga Lounge

The first area you come to is the dessert station and self serve bar.

20160913_143157 Icelandair Saga Lounge

The large rock mound, or cairn, brings some of nature inside.

Icelandair Saga Lounge

There is also a food buffet with some basic hot and cold foods; enough for a heavy snack but not a full meal.  A coffee machine and cooler with beer, wine, water and soda is available.

20160913_143650 20160913_143652

There is plenty of seating and European style outlets as well as USB plugs.

Icelandair Saga Lounge

It wasn’t very crowded and I am guessing it never would get too crowded due to the limited number of passengers with access.

One thing to note if you are traveling to a destination outside of the EU: The Icelandair Saga Lounge is located before passport control.  While it didn’t take me much time to get through passport control, it is something to be aware of.  You should give yourself enough time to get through and to your gate.

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