Weekend in Beijing – Part 1: Getting to China

Weekend in Beijing A few months back I got in on the sub-$500 round trip ticket to Beijing from Washington DC in American Airlines Business Class.  I purchased the tickets; and then purchased my positioning flight to DC from Seattle which ended up costing (slightly) more than the ticket to … Read more

Boeing 777 Memorabilia

I was going through a bunch of my old stuff today and found some fun Boeing 777 memorabilia from the launch in 1994.  Hard to believe the 777 is almost 21 years old!

My father worked for Boeing for 40+ years and used to give me freebies that the company gave their employees.  While I have thrown away a good amount over the years, I kept a hold on to these items (probably because they were so small!)

First item is a sealed commemorative coin from the first 777 roll out on April 9, 1994.

Commemorative coin
Commemorative coin

See the rest of the Boeing 777 memorabilia below:

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Mileage Run Beijing in Business Class

Mileage Run Beijing

I was alerted to an amazing business class fare from Washington DC to Beijing by OneMileataTime.  In the rule of travel hobbyists, I booked immediately and knew I could sort out details later.  I couldn’t pass by a mileage run in business class.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 7.23.01 PM

I am glad that I booked quickly because the fare was gone in less than an hour.  Read more to find out additional details.

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