Is hotel shampoo racist?

Is hotel shampoo racist? Recently I have seen a lot of complaints about hotel shampoo.  From allergic reactions to added fragrance to outrage over wall mounted bottles.  However today I heard a new complaint.  That hotel shampoo is racist. Yesterday, American singer Halsey posted a tweet about hotel shampoo: I’ve been traveling for years now… Read More »

Alaska Airlines to Introduce Basic Economy Fare

Alaska Airlines to Introduce Basic Economy Fare I write a lot about Alaska Airlines — I find them to be a great airline, with a great loyalty program.  They mostly resist the race-to-the-bottom of other airlines.  Still, they are not immune.  They charge for checked luggage (though they have a great 20-minute guarantee).  They removed… Read More »

Seoul Metro Emergency Procedures

Seoul Metro Emergency Procedures When I mentioned to people that I was going to be visiting Korea for a few days, the two comments I received was “I hope you aren’t going to the North” and “I hope that are going to be safe”.  I was only visiting Seoul (and not venturing to the North). … Read More »

Japan Airlines First Class HND-SFO

Japan Airlines First Class HND-SFO I’m not going to write a full review of the flight, as much of it was the same as my JAL First Class LAX-NRT flight just a week prior.  Instead I will highlight the differences in the flight.  Overall, I came away realizing the importance of the crew on passenger… Read More »