Virgin Voyages Teases New Ship and Ports

Today Virgin Voyages sent out a teaser email for their new ship, the Brilliant Lady.

In the email was the animation above along with the following text:

We’ve been keeping a secret, and it’s almost time to let you in on it. Something Brilliant is coming — trust us, you’ll want to sea this.

Catch the big reveal live on May 1st at 12 pm EST — only on

The images in the animation would seem to represent Miami, Seattle, New York, and Los Angeles.

It is possible that there will be some sort of event in each of these cities on May 1st. But in my opinion, the more likely scenario is that these four cities will be home ports for the new ship (or the other ships) in the future.

Currently of those cities, only Miami is a home port for Virgin Voyages. New York City has an active cruise industry with sailings out of Manhattan to warmer climates south. LA has cruises to both Mexico and the Pacific Coast. And Seattle is a the main US home port for cruises to Alaska.

Personally I would love to see Virgin Voyages come to the West Coast. I am located in Seattle and traveling to Miami takes a full day. If I could take either an Alaska cruise or Pacific Coast cruise on Virgin out of Seattle or LA, I would be extremely happy.

What do you think of the teaser? Is Virgin Voyages coming to the West Coast?

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