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Nautical terms used in aviation

I find it interesting that so many of the terms that we use in our modern air travel date back to the the original form of long distance travel – ocean going ships.  I decided to go through Wikipedia’s glossary of nautical terms to pull out some nautical terms used in aviation today. (Air)port –… Read More »

Buquebus to Colonia

If you are looking for a fun and easy day trip out of Buenos Aires, Argentina, taking the high speed ferry Buquebus to Colonia, Uruguay is a great option to get out of the city and get another stamp in your passport.  Colonia is an old Portuguese town and UNESCO World Heritage site. Colonia del… Read More »

Tips for traveling solo

I just returned from a very quick trip to Beijing.  It was the kind of trip that most people would never think to go on; I was in transit for longer than I was at my destination.  But I had an amazing adventure.  And had I waited to find someone to go with… well, I… Read More »

An Introduction to SingleFlyer

I have been an avid reader of various travel blogs over the past few years and have found that reading about others’ experiences has helped me appreciate my own travel. Travel is not a new love; growing up the night before a trip was more exciting than the night before Christmas.  The discovery of new climates, sleeping in… Read More »