2022 Year of Travel in Photos

2022 Year of Travel in Photos 2022 was the year of “revenge travel” for many after two years of lock downs and stay at home orders due to Covid.  I spent a good amount of the year traveling when I could. The first part of my year was spent escaping … Read more

2021 Year of Travel in Photos

2021 Year of Travel in Photos 2021 was quite a year.  I did more travel than in 2020, but still not as much as previous years.  Below are some of my favorite pictures from my travel in 2021. In January I spent a flew to Fort Lauderdale on a cheap … Read more

Register to Vote!

If you are a citizen of the USA, you can register to vote! First time voter?  Here is an easy checklist:  https://www.vote411.org/first-time-voter-checklist Find out if and where you are registered: https://www.nass.org/can-I-vote/voter-registration-status For more information about voting in your state, visit https://www.usa.gov/election-office

Nautical terms used in aviation

I find it interesting that so many of the terms that we use in our modern air travel date back to the the original form of long distance travel – ocean going ships.  I decided to go through Wikipedia’s glossary of nautical terms to pull out some nautical terms used … Read more

BoltBus Seattle to Vancouver

BoltBus Seattle to Vancouver I am writing this post on my BoltBus Seattle to Vancouver trip.  While I have taken coach type buses in other countries; this is my first time using a Greyhound type service in the states.  BoltBus is owned by Greyhound but markets itself as the cooler … Read more