Credit Cards I’m Keeping

Credit Cards I’m Keeping The credit card world has changed a lot since I started accumulating sign up bonuses about six years ago.  Banks have cut down on the ability to churn (open a card, get the bonus, close it, then reopen it for another sign up bonus).  The pandemic … Read more

Hyatt Promotions 2020

Hyatt Promotions 2020 Hyatt currently has three very generous promotions.  Below I break down each promotion and help you navigate whether a paid stay or a points stay makes more sense. Paid Stays A Warm Welcome Awaits The first promotion is for paid stays when you book by September 8, … Read more

How to Return Metal Citi Bank Prestige Credit Card

How to Return Metal Citi Bank Prestige Credit Card Recently I removed an authorized user from my Citi Prestige Card account.  I put their card in my proverbial sock drawer, unsure of what to do with it. I had a Chase Sapphire Reserve Card that I canceled and they sent … Read more