Hyatt Regency Sacramento Governors Suite Review

Hyatt Regency Sacramento Governors Suite Review

In looking for a hotel in Sacramento, I noticed that all room types at the Hyatt Regency were being offered at the same price.  I decided to book the top category of room, the Governor’s Suite.  These rooms are recently updated and are Premium Suites.  Booking with the A Warm Welcome Awaits promotion, the room was $183 + tax.  On top of that I paid $20 for parking in their garage.


The Hyatt Regency Sacramento is located across the street from the capitol.

There is a park across the street if you are looking for a place to walk.  Lots of restaurants are nearby.

Check In

The entrance from the garage takes you directly to the conference rooms of the hotel.  You must go downstairs for the check in desk.

The front desk agent let me know that I had a great room and that breakfast was included with my rate.  She asked how many people were going to be staying the room, and I said just me.  She said I would then have a $16 credit for the restaurant.

As a side note, when hotels offer a breakfast credit based on the number of occupants of the room, I get annoyed.  The cost of the room is the same whether it is just me or two of us.  At this hotel, why wouldn’t they just give every room a credit of $32?  Why penalize someone if they are staying alone?


I was assigned to Room 1342.  The hotel rooms on floors 3-14.  The room is just off the elevator.

The suite has two rooms — the living room and the bedroom with bathroom.  After a short hall/entry, the living room is on your right with a couch, TV, and large window.

There is a small fridge under the TV.  Along the wall is a dinning room area with tall table and chairs.

The large windows look out over a patio of what is likely the Regency Club (closed due to COVID).  You also have a nice view of the capitol building.

The bedroom is a fairly standard Regency bedroom with a king bed, chair, and TV on top of a dresser.

Near the bathroom is a closet that included robes and a safe.


The bathroom is large but only has a shower (no tub).

The shower does have both a wall mounted shower head and a hand held wand.

The bathroom amenities are Pharmacopia branded in large, refillable bottles attached to the wall.

Opposite the shower is a dual vanity.

The overall feel of the room is the standard updated Regency feel.  Neutral colors, nothing fancy but very functional.


Off the main lobby is the pool and hot tub.  There is plenty of seating around the pool.

There is also a gym, though I could not find it despite following the signs.  I am not sure if it is closed due to COVID or hidden away in some far corner.


The only restaurant open is Vines and food is only available for take out due to COVID.  Fortunately, you can call down your order and have it delivered to your room at no additional cost.

The $16 actually went pretty far by hotel standards.  I was able to get eggs, potatoes, toast, a bowl of fruit, and orange juice for the $16.

Overall I find Regency properties to be mostly bland.  I would say that the Hyatt Regency Sacramento is no different.  I understand that they are in the process of updating the rooms, with the Governor’s Suite the first to be done.  If you are in town for business, the Regency will offer a comfortable, but mostly forgettable stay.  If you can find the Governor’s Suite for the same price as the standard room, but all means go for it.

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