Rip Van Wafels Coming Soon on Alaska?

Rip Van Wafels Coming Soon on Alaska?

Recently I received a message on Twitter from snack company Rip Van Wafels letting me know to be on the look out for their product on Alaska Airlines flights.  According to Rip Van Wafels, Alaska is testing it out as a new complimentary snack.  Currently Alaska offers Bischoff cookies to all passengers in Economy.

I love a good stroopwafel (nothing compares to a fresh one in Amsterdam I have to say).  It is a basic snack: caramel sandwiched between two round waffle cookies.

Rip Van Wafels offered to send me a free sample and I couldn’t resist.  I am a non-affiliate blog, which means I do not take payment for any posts or referral links.  The samples were sent with no strings attached.

I received the samples a few days later.  Inside was a postcard comic about Rip Van Wafels on Alaska Airlines.

I’m not sure about the claim that “Alaska is the first airline to offer a free premium snack in the AM”, but still a creative graphic.

The wafels are packed in a small wrapper with two cookies inside.  They are thinner than the current Biscoff cookie package though the other dimensions are slightly larger.  In the photo below I have placed a quarter next to the cookies for comparison.

Have you seen the Rip Van brand on your Alaska flights?  Do you prefer this snack to a Biscoff cookie?

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