Hilton Madrid Airport Review

Hilton Madrid Airport Review

With a morning flight departing from Madrid’s airport, I decided to book a room at the Hilton Madrid Airport.  I was able to book a room for €107 prepaid, non-refundable.  The hotel opened in 2009 and has 284 rooms across their two buildings located a short drive from the international airport.


The property is located just off M-14 and A-2, just southwest of the airport.  Terminal 4 of the airport is a bit farther away from the hotel but the hotel offers a free shuttle to any of the terminals.  There isn’t anything much else around the hotel — nothing you can walk to.  Parking is free (if you have a car as I did) either just out front or in the garage.

You can see part of the airport from the higher levels of the hotel in the distance.  This isn’t a good “plane spotting” hotel as it isn’t right at the runway.

Check In

As is typical of an airport hotel, check in was quick and businesslike.  My Diamond elite status was recognized and was told I could have breakfast at the buffet on the main floor.  I was upgraded to an Executive Floor room on the top floor of the main hotel building.

The hotel is an atrium style hotel with rooms located around the exterior of the building with open space in the middle.


I was assigned room 618.  The top floor is floor 6, though the main level is floor 0 and there is a mezzanine before floor 1.  So in the US, this would be floor 8.

As you enter the room, there is a closet on the left with a sliding door and standard closet amenities.

Further in the bathroom is on the right and the rest of the room opens straight ahead.  I had a twin room though I imagine a King room would be the same.

In front of the beds is a glass built in desk and TV.

Directly below the TV is an empty mini fridge.  Instant coffee is provided along with a hot water kettle.

A chair is located against the window.  The chair, along with other parts of the room, show a lot of wear and tear.

The window of my room looks out to the other building so not much of a view.  You can open a door out to a very narrow balcony (not enough room to actually go out , but it would allow fresh air in).

Overall, the room seems like it was designed to be modern luxury in 1990.  There are a ton of materials used: glass, wood, metal, stone.  Colors include white, black, red and green.  I was shocked to realize the hotel only opened in 2009.  I would have thought it was built in the early 1990s for sure by the look of the design.

The luxury design has not stood up to time.  There were a number of light switched that did nothing (probably did something at one time).  Dimmers no longer dimmed.  The room definitely needs a complete remodel.


The bathroom is enclosed in a frosted glass wall.  The door to the bathroom is actually the corner where two sliding glass panels meet.

Besides not offering much privacy due to the frosted glass wall, over time the glass sliding panels have become warped and do not meet, so there is a 1″ gap in the door.

The actual bathroom is green stone with lots of glass and mirrors.  There is a shower and bathtub along one side.

The shower has an adjustable wand style shower head.

Across from the shower and bath is a curved glass vanity.  It doesn’t give much counter space and the curve makes it difficult to keep things from sliding into the sink.

Having a glass sink is also just kind of strange to me.

The bath products are standard Hilton Crabtree & Evelyn.

Next to the sink is another frosted glass sliding door that offers some privacy for the toilet and bidet.

Pool & Gym

The pool and gym are located on floor 1 between the two hotel buildings.

The bathrooms include a steam room, sauna (with a glass wall that looks out to the highway), and shower.

The pool is enclosed with a retractable roof.  They bill the pool as a hydrotherapy pool with various water features that include waterfalls and jets.  It is a pretty fun pool but not super conductive to lap swimming.

Executive Lounge

The Executive Lounge is located on floor 4 of the main building.  It is open to the atrium and pretty small.  All the tables were taken during my visit.

There is an area with TV and more comfortable seating.

Drinks and food are self serve.  The evening food is pretty standard hotel lounge food.  The bar was unique in that instead of large bottles of alcohol they had single serve liquor bottles like you would get on a plane.


A large buffet breakfast is served on the main floor of the main building.  It is included for Diamond and Gold elites.

The only made to order food is egg dishes but there are plenty of options and the quality is decent.


The Hilton Madrid Airport is a standard business Hilton.  I was pleasantly surprised that the airport hotel would have a swimming pool, and a pretty luxurious one at that.  The property offers a good option for those that are looking for a stay before or after a flight.

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