Roku Stick and Month of Sling for $12.99

While the Roku Stick isn’t the best option for travel (it has a difficult time getting on hotel wifi), it is a handy portable device for watching streaming video.

Roku has a ton of “channels” (basically apps): Netflix, Amazon video, HBO, Showtime, Sling, Hulu, YouTube, and so on.

The Roku Streaming Stick typically costs $49.99.  However, depending on your Amex Offers, you can get a Roku Stick plus a month of Sling TV service for $12.99.  I found it out by accident.

Start with the current Sling offer for a Free Roku Streaming Stick with a month of service.  Sling gives you access to a lot of cable tv channels without a cable subscription.  You can watch the channels over Wifi.  I use the service and find it to be a good substitute for standard cable service.  You pay for one month up front to get the Roku.  You can then go in and cancel your subscription (I would do this after your Roku ships) so that you aren’t charged for future months.  You still get to use the rest of the month you have paid for.

Pay for your Sling subscription with an Amex card.  I paid with one that I have the following two offers on:

$5 back after spending $15 with Sling

10% back on your cable bill

I was expecting the purchase to trigger the Sling offer, but apparently Sling codes as cable TV bill and allows you to double dip on Amex offers.  

Great deal if you have these offers, and the first time I have ever double dipped with Amex Offers.

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