Airline Mistake Fare Analogy

Here is my airline mistake fare analogy I came up with after the recent British Airways ordeal:

You go to the Apple Store. You see a Macbook priced at $600. “Wow!” you think. “That is an incredible deal! I’ll buy one.” You take it to the cashier. Cashier rings it up. $600. You pay with your credit card. Take it home. You install software. Put your photos on it. Loving your new Macbook.

Then, 2 days later, there is a knock on the door. It is someone from Apple. They see your Macbook on the table, go and grab it, and walk out without saying a word.

Dumbfounded, you contact Apple. “Oh yeah” they tell you. “That Macbook wasn’t supposed to be $600. Yes, the sign said $600. Yes, we sold it to you at $600. Yes, we charged your credit card and let you take it home and put your photos and files on it. But we are still taking it back. You can buy another one for $1500 if you want.

But what about the money?  “We will refund your credit card sometime.  Can’t give you an exact date.”

This is what happened with the British Airways mistake fare.

I know it isn’t a perfect airline mistake fare analogy, but seriously what is the major difference?

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