New Alaska Airlines Chocolate Elite Benefit

On my current flight from SEA to TPA I was offered a nice chocolate bar.  I had heard of others receiving the gift, but no one else in my row was offered.  Apparently it is a new Alaska Airlines Chocolate Elite Benefit!  I was offered Orange Chocolate or Agave Quinoa Sesame.  I chose the latter.

New Alaska Airlines Chocolate Elite Bonus

I was confused since I am only a lowly MVP right now (but just a few miles short of MVP Gold).  I reached out to Alaska on Twitter and received the response:

Apparently if you are MVP Gold or Gold 75k riding in Coach and you DON’T order your free alcoholic drink, they will offer you a tasty chocolate bar instead. I just got lucky as an MVP; it isn’t the standard to give them to MVP passengers.

Another nice touch of adding a new Alaska Airlines chocolate elite benefit for MVP Gold and 75k.

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