And from the Department of Bad Timing…

I received this mailing from Hyatt (or maybe Chase Bank since it is connected to my Visa card) today:

Hyatt Nepal


Of course this was printed and likely sent before the earthquake in Nepal.  Still, couldn’t be worse timing for Hyatt.  The company is under fire from social media and various other sources for not opening up its property to locals after the earthquake.  Hyatt released a statement of their own refuting this and saying that they have allowed “more than 1,000 people have set up temporary shelter on the hotel’s adjacent land and grounds”.

Hyatt has a canned response to all the angry tweets linking to the above blog post.  Pretty much their entire feed from the last 72 hours has consisted of the same tweet to different people:

Hyatt Nepal


I hope the initial accounts are incorrect and that Hyatt is doing all it can to help all those affected by the earthquake.

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