Spa Etiquette: Come on people!

One of my favorite things to do while traveling solo is to spend a day at the spa.  Las Vegas has some of the best spas in the world; steam rooms scented with eucalyptus, reclaimed wood saunas, deluge showers, hot and cold plunge pools all in beautiful and lavish (if not over the top) surroundings.  I would suggest either the Encore Spa or Aria Spa + Salon for spa newbies.

If you are getting a treatment (massage, body wrap, etc), entrance into the spa is included.  I suggest spending at least a couple of hours before and/or after your treatment enjoying the amenities.  If you don’t want to pamper yourself (read: splurge) on a treatment, some spas offer day passes for a nominal fee to use the facilities.

One thing I think everyone should know before going to the spa:  it is best experienced naked.  Large spas are divided by gender.  Yet, time and time again, there are always a few guests wearing bathing suits.  I consulted with a female friend of mine and she said the same thing happens on the female side.

Now, I have come to the following conclusion about why this happens (this is completely non-scientific, just my best guess):  Females prefer to cover up due to body image issues, while males prefer to cover up due to homophobia.  The men I see in bathing suits are usually in a group; think bachelor party.  They don’t want to naked because being naked with guys in our society is, in some people’s minds, correlated with homosexuality.  Either that or they are afraid that they will be made fun of for their inadequacy…

In all honesty, going to the spa is not meant as a social gathering.  It is the perfect activity, actually, for the single flyer.  If you are concerned about what your friends will think of your naked body, maybe a spa day with them isn’t going to be that relaxing.

No one cares what your naked body looks like at the spa.  That’s one reason it is fun to go alone — you don’t know these people, will never see them again, there is no reason to feel uncomfortable nude.

So please, if you do go to the spa, and I suggest you do, don’t make it a social event and for god-sake take off your clothes!

There are literally dozens of us!

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