LimePod: New Car Share Option

LimePod: New Car Share Option UPDATE: It looks like LimePod is shutting down operations at the end of 2019. Lime, the company behind the divisive scooters and bikes, has introduced a new product: LimePod.  LimePod is a new free floating car sharing option; a direct competitor to newly partnered Car2Go and ReachNow.  As of March, … Read more

Car2Go Retiring SmartCar Fleet

Car2Go vs ReachNow vs Zipcar

Car2Go Retiring Smart Car Fleet Car2Go was the first “free floating” car share program in Seattle.  Their iconic smart fortwo cars started showing up a few years back all over the streets of Seattle.  Slowly they started to introduce luxury Mercedes vehicles to the Car2Go fleet.  Now the news is that they are removing all … Read more

Zipcar Commuter Plan for $199 a Month

Zipcar Commuter Plan

Introducing the Zipcar Commuter Plan UPDATE: ZIPCAR has discontinued their Commute Plan.  This is no longer available. Zipcar, the car sharing company, is introducing a new monthly subscription that gives members exclusive use of a car during the work week.  Known as the Zipcar Commuter Plan, for $199/month plus $0.45/mile gets you a personal Zipcar … Read more

ReachNow vs Car2Go: Car Sharing Part 2

ReachNow vs Car2Go UPDATE: As of July, 2019, ReachNow has ceased operation.  RIP ReachNow One of my most popular blog posts has been my comparison of car share programs: Car2Go vs Zipcar.  So it seemed only appropriate to do a follow up post adding in the new kid in Seattle: BMW’s ReachNow.  ReachNow functions almost identically to … Read more

Car2Go vs Zipcar: Which service is right for you?

Car2Go vs Zipcar: Which service is right for you? Many millennials find themselves thinking: Car2Go vs Zipcar.  At the age of 30, after having a car since I was 16, I decided to sell my car and not purchase a new one.  I live and work in downtown Seattle.  Financially and logistically it no longer … Read more