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Travel Blogs I Like

There are a lot of good websites/bloggers out there with a  focus on travel.  These are some of the ones I read the most and follow on Twitter.  I try to avoid websites and blogs that promote credit card affiliate links.  I have no financial partnership with any of the websites listed, they are simply ones I enjoy and have learned from.  Listed in no particular order, these are the travel blogs I like.

Doctor of Credit – Focuses primarily on credit cards (applications, benefits, etc). @Drofcredit

Saverocity – A couple of blogs are part of Saverocity, mostly about finance and travel.  BigHabitat is one of my favorites. @BigHabitatcom @Saverocity

MoneyMetagame – Focus on ways to save money for the future.  He doesn’t blog that often but when he does it is worth reading. @Money_Metagame

MilesToMemories – General travel blog that also covers credit cards and travel loyalty programs. @milestomemories

Travel Codex – One of the first blogs I started reading about travel, Travel Codex has some great info for beginners. @Travel_Codex

FlyerTalk – The forums are a library of knowledge about traveling.  It takes some investment to learn how to navigate all the threads; my suggestion is to make a username and just start reading in an area that is of interest to you.  One of my favorite topics is “Mileage Run Deals” for good deals and (sometimes) mistake fares.

Airfare Watch Dog and The Flight Deal – These websites have teams of people that scour the internet looking for especially good airfare.  I don’t use their websites very often but both of their Twitter accounts are two of the most useful out there. @airfarewatchdog @TheFlightDeal

Blogs I Like last updated 6/28/17

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