Blogs I Like

Blogs I Like

It seems that recently I have been avoiding blogs more and more and turning to Twitter and FlyerTalk with more regularity.  I try to avoid websites and blogs that promote credit card affiliate links, and that seems to be getting harder and harder. I have no financial partnership with any of the websites listed, they are simply ones I enjoy and have learned from.  

Doctor of Credit – Focuses primarily on credit cards (applications, benefits, etc). @Drofcredit

Travel Codex – One of the first blogs I started reading about travel, Travel Codex has some great info for beginners. @Travel_Codex

FlyerTalk – The forums are a library of knowledge about traveling.  It takes some investment to learn how to navigate all the threads; my suggestion is to make a username and just start reading in an area that is of interest to you.  One of my favorite topics is “Mileage Run Deals” for good deals and (sometimes) mistake fares.

The Flight Deal – Their Twitter account is one of the most useful out there for finding good deals.  I suggest trying out IFTTT to set alerts for your city to find especially good flight deals. @TheFlightDeal

Blogs I Like last updated 11/12/18

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