Hyatt House Seattle Downtown


Hyatt House Seattle Downtown

The Hyatt House Seattle Downtown is set to open in the next few weeks.  I stopped by today to check out the progress of the construction and to scope out the property.  I was not able to go in, but here are a few observations.

Location:  This is the closest hotel to the Space Needle hands down.  While the Hyatt Place Seattle is a short walk from the Space Needle, the Hyatt House Seattle Downtown is perhaps 500 feet from the Space Needle.  You will walk out the door, cross the street, and you are at the gift shop and elevator to the top.  This is great for tourists, however it is a bit of a distance to the downtown core.  Lucky for you, the Monorail stop is also just across the street, very convenient for tourists to access shopping and Pike Place Market.

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Grand Hyatt or Olive 8 – Battle in Seattle

Grand Hyatt or Olive 8 – Battle in Seattle In Seattle, like any large city, you can find a hotel by just about every chain as well as some great independent hotels.  Hyatt offers one of the best loyalty programs and many frequent travelers book a room at Hyatt when they can.  When visiting Seattle, Hyatt … Read more

Grand Hyatt Seattle – Hotel Review

Grand Hyatt Seattle

Last week I reviewed the Hyatt Olive 8, this week I review the other downtown Hyatt option in Seattle, the Grand Hyatt Seattle.

These two main Hyatt properties are half a block away from each other and both centrally located near the Washington State Convention Center.  The Grand Hyatt Seattle may have a slightly better location as there are multiple restaurants and a Starbucks that you can access without leaving the hotel.

Check In: I was checking in to the Grand Hyatt Seattle on a Sunday evening just after a large convention was wrapping up from the weekend.  I was impressed that the wait was less than a minute.  The front desk clerk that helped me was very professional; the usual acknowledgement of my Platinum status, notifying me of the amenities, and offering me a choice of newspapers.

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Single City: 24 Hours in Seattle

The “niche” I wanted to focus on with this website was for people who travel alone either by choice or by default.  As I’ve been writing entries, I’ve noticed that traveling along is not fundamentally different from traveling with a friend or group.  Except for the fact that you have a lot more independence to do whatever you want.

However, sometimes there are times were you are alone and unsure what activities would be more comfortable than others as a single traveler.  So I bring you the first installment of Single City; where I focus on activities in one city that are fun for someone to do by her/himself.  This week I start with my hometown (which naturally I know better than any other city):  Seattle.

Seattle Skyline

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