Four Seasons Scottsdale – Hotel Review

IMG_0047A few days after Christmas I received a call from a friend offering me use of his unit at the Four Seasons Scottsdale Residence Club over New Years.  I had never stayed at a Four Seasons but have always heard that they are the measure of service in the hotel industry.  I said yes and booked my flight from Seattle to Phoenix.

Residence Clubs with the Four Seasons are similar to timeshares; you buy in and pay an annual fee and get a week at their resort.  Instead of a hotel room (at least in Scottsdale) you get a two bedroom, three bathroom unit with a full kitchen, dining room and living room.  You get access to all the amenities of the hotel plus a Residence Club pool, restaurant, and club house.

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Spa Etiquette: Come on people!

One of my favorite things to do while traveling solo is to spend a day at the spa.  Las Vegas has some of the best spas in the world; steam rooms scented with eucalyptus, reclaimed wood saunas, deluge showers, hot and cold plunge pools all in beautiful and lavish (if not over the top) surroundings.  I would suggest either the Encore Spa or Aria Spa + Salon for spa newbies.

If you are getting a treatment (massage, body wrap, etc), entrance into the spa is included.  I suggest spending at least a couple of hours before and/or after your treatment enjoying the amenities.  If you don’t want to pamper yourself (read: splurge) on a treatment, some spas offer day passes for a nominal fee to use the facilities.

One thing I think everyone should know before going to the spa:  it is best experienced naked.  Large spas are divided by gender.  Yet, time and time again, there are always a few guests wearing bathing suits.  I consulted with a female friend of mine and she said the same thing happens on the female side.

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