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The Canopy Lounge (NCE)

The Nice Côte d’Azur Airport is surprisingly large with two separate terminals. I was flying out of Terminal 1 to Dublin (which happens to not be in the Schengen Area). The flights outside of the Schengen Area have an isolated area past passport check.

There is one lounge in the non-Schengen portion of the airport — The Canopy Lounge. As the area of the airport is small, it is very easy to find with the entrance elevator/stairs right in the middle of the terminal area.

The lounge is quite large. I believe that it is used by many of the airlines for their business class lounge — including Qatar, Turkish, Lufthansa and British.

The main area is a more enclosed traditional airport lounge area with seating, snacks and drinks.

The second area towards the back is open to the terminal below and is set up with a more tropical beach theme. There are even some pool-type lounge chairs.

There are multiple bathrooms but I don’t believe there is a shower; though I don’t expect there to be too many layovers in Nice.

There was a large selection of snacks and beverages. The food was mostly small bites; nothing that would really make a full meal and the only hot item was soup.

Free entrance is available with Priority Pass.

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