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Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Entertainment Review

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Entertainment Review

There are a ton of entertainment options on Virgin Voyages.  The two main venues for shows are The Red Room and The Manor.  Additionally there are other smaller areas in bars and on various decks that are used for smaller entertainment events including some that require additional payment.

All events are listed on the Virgin Voyages app.  Some require a ticket (even the free ones) so I recommend that you reserve the ones you want as soon as you board the ship.  You cannot reserve shows until you are on the ship’s wifi.

There are various entertainment teams.  The most accessible is the Happenings Cast.  This team is 12 staff with various monikers such as The Diva (drag queen), The Charmer (magician), and The Gamer.  These act as a team cruise director rather than just one single person that you might have on another ship.

Then there is the Dancers and Singers that do both the main stage as well as some of the smaller venue shows like music at the bar.

Finally there is the Speciality staff that are the acrobats/circus performers.

The Red Room

The Red Room is the the ship’s main theater.  Located at the front of Deck 6 and 7, the main headliner shows take place here.  On my five night cruise, there were three headliner shows.  The space can be reconfigured depending on the needs of the show.

Ships in the Night

Ships in the Night is probably the most traditional cruise ship show.  The Red Room is configured as a standard theater set up with rows of seats leading down to the stage.

Ships in the Night is described as:

Through the use of ethereal technology and electrifying choreography, this edgy and beautiful production explores the significance (or insignificance) of incidental connection while on our own personal journeys.

A lead singer/MC sings various ocean themed pop songs while the team of dancers on the ship are choreographed in what could be described as modern dance meets ballet.  The performances were good though I wasn’t blown away.


For this configuration, all of the seating was removed (or pushed back into the walls).  The audience was left to stand/dance for the duration of the show.  A main stage was at the front with satellite stages that moved throughout the performance.  The same dancers from Ships in the Night danced and moved throughout the venue.  It had some similar themes to Ships in the Night of being present and engaged with the world around you instead of your cell phone.  Or something!

This hype music-video-meets-club-scene is an absurdist dance party…  with a dash of old-fashioned showbiz flair. Grab a drink and stay in the (un)moment of it all.

Duel Reality

Probably my favorite of the main shows, The Red Room was set up with two sides of seating on either side of the floor performance area.  Think of it more like a gym with bleachers on either side.

The circus like performers followed a rough Romeo and Juliet/West Side Story plot of red team vs. blue team.  Lots of impressive stunts and acrobatics moved the story along.

Our fast-paced retelling of Romeo and Juliet — with an elaborate circus twist. Watch as two groups grapple with the desire to rise above one another through graceful and death-defying acts.

Bingo with the Diva

This is much more than a game of bingo (though it is that too), it is a performance with the resident drag queen.  To play bingo, you have to buy your bingo cards ($30 for one set, $45 for two sets, $55 for three sets), but you can also just come and watch for free.

There are four games of bingo with cash prizes for the winner of each round.  During my sailing, the prizes ranged from $300 to $1400.

In between games (and during games as numbers were being called out) there is entertainment provided by The Diva (on our ship she was A Woman Named Carlos) and her assistant.

The Manor

The Manor is located on Deck 6 off of the Casino.  It is a smaller venue that hosts performances and the night club.  You enter the manor through a glittering hall of mirrors.

It’s a Ship Show

Most every night of the cruise, often twice a night, you can join It’s a Ship Show for dinner and a show, somewhat of a supper club offering.  I had heard the food wasn’t great so I ate first in one of the restaurants and just had dessert at the show.

The show had an MC and his team of dancers.  He would talk between acts and invite audience participation.  I found that portion of the show annoying but I guess it was better than just having silence.  The acts were circus style performers that were also in Duel Reality.  The house band also played at various times throughout the evening.

With The Manor transforming into a supper club, enjoy a bit of nostalgia with a twist (naturally) in this old-school variety hour meets late-night talk show mash-up. Featuring a menu of delicious food, live music, comedy, exclusive performances, and a bit of the unexpected — this show is the SHIP.

Around the World in 80 Minutes with The Diva

A fun story told by The Diva with some audience participation.  Singing, dancing and other silliness.  Similar to Bingo.


In addition to more standard fitness classes, there were a few themed exercise opportunities.  VHS is an 80’s themed jazzercise class with shake weights.  I actually got a very good workout and had fun doing it to 80’s music.  All skill levels could participate.


On our cruise, the comedian was a parody singer (kind of like Weird Al) that included audience participating.  I thought he was actually really good and worth seeing.

Night Club

Every night had a different theme (mostly by decade).  The space turned into a more traditional nightclub with a bar.

The 70’s theme night started with Disco Circus, a 20 minute show with various acrobatic acts before turning into a full fledged dance party.

Scarlet Night

Scarlet Night is an evening of entertainment that takes over the entire ship.  It starts at The Roundabout  at 9pm.  You then get to choose your own adventure of activities and pop ups and flashmobs around the ship.

It’s the epic night where the entire ship is transformed into a menagerie of delights and euphoric exaltation. Wear red and get ready.

There was a story line — something about an octopus that falls in love with a sailor who then dies and becomes the moon… I think.

To have the most fun, be prepared to say “yes”.  I found myself the guest at a wedding, in a dance off, playing charades, and joining a team of pirates being led through the crew quarters to a secret bar deep inside the ship.

At 10:45 all activities lead to the pool deck for the final dance party of Scarlet Night.  The staff perform to the Scarlet Night theme song before inviting everyone to dance in the pool under the watchful eye of a giant inflatable octopus.

In addition to the activities listed above, there are various trivia events, pub crawls, lounge singers, karaoke, and some sort of game with wooden seahorses.

The first evening on board there was an all ship Sail Away party as we left Miami where complimentary champaign was served.  The entertainment crew was introduced and a few events were highlighted.

There was also a mixer for those of us cruising solo.  There were a good number of people sailing alone and it was nice (and not too awkward) to have a chance to see who else was around.

I found all of the entertainment to be high quality.  There was no broadway show like you might find on some of the mega ships, but I never found myself disappointed in any event I participated in.  Of course everything is optional and if you aren’t interested, you don’t have to participate.  Or you can try it and if it isn’t your thing, you can leave.

I would say the two can’t miss activities are Duel Reality and Scarlet Night.  Have you done a Virgin Voyage?  What was your favorite entertainment?

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