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2022 Year in Miles

2022 Year in Miles

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2022 was the year of “revenge travel” after 2+ years of Covid shutdowns.  Warnings of a system not ready for the pre-pandemic levels of travel came to fruition for some.  My international summer travel ended up reasonably successful and without too much chaos.  I was able to visit eight new countries and try out seven new airlines.

My overall miles flown was down (and a fraction of totals from before Covid which left me at the bottom tier of elite status on Alaska Airlines), yet I still managed to spend about 20% of my year in hotels (and hang on to Hyatt Globalist status).   I may not ever reach my pre-pandemic levels of mileage flown due to a career change; instead I imagine I will take one or two longer trips each year rather than many shorter international trips.

Here is a look back at my 2022 travel in numbers.

2022 Year in Miles

*New airline/country/airport in 2022

Miles Flown: 45,677 (butt in seat)

Nights Spent in Hotels: 70

Number of Flights: 31

Airlines Flown: 11

Countries Visited: 13

Number of Unique Airports Visited: 24

Shortest Flight: 109 miles (TBS-EVN)

Longest Flight: 7,412 miles (SEA-DOH)

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