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2021 Year in Miles

2021 Year in Miles

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2021 was the year when travel began to transition back to normalcy after the Covid pandemic.  I attended a conference in Las Vegas in July where no one was wearing masks.  Later in the summer things reverted back with the Delta variant, but it was nice to have a taste of what it would be like once the pandemic ended.

I was able to take two trips out of the US: first a week in April in Costa Rica and then four weeks in Europe over the summer.  There were some unknowns.  I had to alter my itinerary when Serbia changed some of their entry requirements a few days before I was set to arrive.  I wasn’t able to leave the airport in Qatar.  Various testing and vaccination requirements.  But overall both my international trips went great.  I was happy to be able to start traveling again; more so than in 2020 but still less than 2019 and previous years.

Nearly two years in to the pandemic, I think everyone is realizing that we may not ever return to how things were before Covid.  Masks will be a standard accessory (much like it was in parts of Asia before Covid).  We will probably have more travel restrictions from time to time as new variants emerge or other viruses arrive on the scene.

I am hopeful that 2022 will bring even more travel my way.  But first, I will take a look back at my year in miles.

2021 Year in Miles

*New airline/country/airport in 2021

Miles Flown: 56,306 (butt in seat)

Nights Spent Traveling: 56

Number of Flights: 28

Airlines Flown: 6

Countries Visited: 7

Number of Unique Airports Visited: 17

Shortest Flight: 94 miles (OTP-SOF)

Longest Flight: 8,306 miles (DOH-LAX)

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