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Fire on Alaska Airlines Flight 751

Fire on Alaska Airlines Flight 751

Reports are coming in tonight that there was a fire in the cargo hold passenger cabin of an Alaska Airlines plane at Seatac, confirmed to be flight 751.  The flight was scheduled from New Orleans to Seattle, landing at Seatac at 8:42pm where it was met with fire emergency response.

Twitter user @NewsWithKevin is reporting that it was a cell phone that caught fire and from images posted it looks like smoke was in the cabin.

Twitter user @MichelleBlum was in the Alaska Lounge at the N Gates and caught the evacuation on video, showing passengers using the emergency exit slides:

The full video by Michelle can be seen below.

After the fire was contained, Flight Aware is showing that the plane was moved to gate N12. It appears the plane was a Boeing 737.

Reports are that there were some minor injuries.

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