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Alaska Airlines adds flights to Belize

Alaska Airlines adds flights to Belize

Today Alaska Airlines announced details of their new service to Belize City.  Belize becomes the 5th country that Alaska serves (USA, Canada, Mexico, and Costa Rica); though in 2017 Alaska flew to Cuba and in the 1990’s Alaska flew to Russia.

Starting in November 2021, Alaska will begin seasonal direct flights from both Seattle and LAX to Belize City.  The plan is to fly the routes November-May.

Seattle to Belize City will operate twice per week while LAX to Belize City will operate four times per week.  Alaska will be using their older 737-800 planes rather than their new 737-Max or 737-900.  The aircrafts will overnight in Belize before flying back to the US.

SEA-BZE is a long flight — just over 6 hours and 2,820 miles.

LAX-BZE is 4.5 hours and 2,175 miles.

In comparison, LAX to Liberia, Costa Rica is 5.5 hours and 2,627 miles.

I believe the longest Alaska flight is Anchorage to Kona, Hawaii which is 2,876 miles (just 50 miles more than SEA-BZE).

I look forward to taking the SEA-BZE flight.  Will you be booking one of these flights?


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